30 Photos Proving That Cats Are the Cutest Things on Earth (New Pics)

3 years ago

There’s a long line of history between humans and cats, dating back to the BC era. They were worshipped as gods in Ancient Egypt and were used as helpful predators to the commoners. Since then, we’ve welcomed them into our homes and have fallen in love with them. In modern times, they kill us with cuteness because of their big eyes, soft paws, and loving purrs.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve compiled photographic evidence of every tiny thing that cats do to make our hearts melt.

1. A mama cat chilling out while still helping her precious babies

2. This cat can stare right into your soul.

3. Such majestic creatures

4. They just chill where they please, as they please.

5. This baby didn’t like her bath but still melts our hearts.

6. This adorable cherub who’s obsessed with a clothes peg

7. “My cat admiring my pregnant wife”

8. This feline loves basking in the sunlight.

9. A cat-rine wheel of kittens

10. A batch of purr-itos

11. This little cross-eyed baby is still an absolute cutie!

12. “Peter’s first time seeing Christmas lights”

13. This furry family always shows up unannounced.

14. This cat likes to take selfies with his big brothers.

15. This spoiled kitten is all tucked in.

16. They can do the funniest faces.

17. “It has been very clearly explained to him that those aren’t real whales and dolphins.”

18. A half-faced beauty who didn’t want his humans to go to school

19. This furry friend likes to take advantage of her bigger, comfier furry friends.

20. “The foster kittens love to use Claire as a pillow.”

21. A crazy cat who loves her tennis ball more than anything else

22. Even when they’re angry, they’re adorable!

23. Cats are such cunning, stealthy creatures...

24. 2 words: toe beans

25. These sisters prefer to cuddle together.

26. They know exactly how to show their authority.

27. Petite purr-fection

28. You always find them in the oddest of places.

29. Snuggle buds absolutely warm our hearts.

30. “A holy sight”

How can you possibly think these animals don’t win when it comes to being adorable? Tell us which kitty was your favorite in the comments, and share the article with non-cat lovers who need to be converted.


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