6 Inventions That Might Save Us a Lot of Stress in the Future

2 years ago

Inventors are always “cooking up” some new and useful gadgets to make our everyday lives easier. Whether they are created to save time, money, or simply calm our nerves, we don’t really know just how much we need some inventions until we try them ourselves.

We at Bright Side did the research and found several new inventions that you might not have heard of. And they are so cool, we want them all ASAP.

1. A trash can that will order groceries for you

Yes, you read that right. As you throw out your used groceries while preparing your meal, this smart can, by scanning the barcode of those products, will automatically order them for you. And just like that, you’ll have a new stack of groceries on your doorstep.

But that’s not all. If the groceries you throw away don’t have barcodes, like fruits and veggies, you can say the name of the product out loud, and the can’s voice recognition will add it to your grocery list on your phone.

2. A mouse with a built-in fan for sweaty palms

Forget about sweaty palms while working or gaming on your computer all day long. This sweat-proof mouse will bring out a cooling blast directly into your palm throughout its honeycomb shell. And the good thing is, it’s extremely quiet, so it won’t distract you while you work or play.

3. A smart umbrella that will remind you to take it with you when it’s going to rain outside

Inside the handle of this umbrella, there’s a tiny capsule that serves as a mini weather station that you can connect with an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app will give you a 15-minute heads up when it’s about to rain so you don’t leave your home without an umbrella. Another useful thing for people who often lose their umbrellas is the feature known as “forget-me-not.” This can help ensure you don’t lose your umbrella by notifying you when you wander too far away from it.

4. A coffee table that eavesdrops

Scrolling over hundreds of pictures on your phone just to show your friend the pic of the delicious meal that you had a week ago can be a conversation killer. But you can connect this coffee table to your smartphone and it will use real-time speech analysis to pick up keywords and will show pics from your phone gallery that are relevant to your conversation.

5. A fork that can help you lose weight

If you need help to defeat the little devil on your shoulder that whispers to you to eat more when you are on a diet, this smart fork will come to your rescue. Sensors inside the fork will count the time it travels from plate to mouth, and if you eat too fast, the fork will start vibrating and flash its light.

This will help you lose weight because the slower you eat, the faster you’ll feel full, and it’ll be easier to eat less. The “do-gooder” device will also measure the start and end time of the meal and the number of forkfuls eaten. Plus, you can track your personal progress on your smartphone.

6. Charging phones with our bodies

When we eat food, our body burns calories, thus, producing heat. Well, researchers are coming up with ways to capture the heat that our bodies release in the air and try to convert it into electrical power. Who knows, maybe soon we won’t have to look for sockets to charge our phones.

Which of these inventions would you want to have?


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