7 Body Features That Sound Supernatural, yet Are Present in Some of Us

3 years ago

Each of us has around 30,000 genes, and there are no 2 people with the exact same genome. And sometimes, certain genetic mutations happen, making a person even more unique.

We at Bright Side have found extraordinary abilities that some people have, leading us to believe they possess real superpowers.

1. Incredible strength

This feature manifests itself when a person is in a life-and-death situation and shows extreme strength. An incredible level of strength that is believed to be beyond normal for humans can often be attributed to increased adrenaline production. The most common examples of it are in cases when parents were trying to rescue their children.

  • The famous cartoon character, The Hulk, was channeled in a woman who had to save her baby. Kirby said in an interview that the kid was caught under the running board of a car while playing. The mother was horrified when she saw him and in a state of desperation, lifted the rear end of the car.
  • In 2006, a woman in Quebec fought a polar bear to save several children.
  • In 2012, a 15-year-old boy lifted a car to save his grandfather who was underneath it.

2. Longevity

There’s a big family of Old Order Amish people living in the vicinity of Berne, Indiana that are believed to have a special gene. But it’s actually a mutation that is responsible for longevity. Thanks to this, they can live around 10% longer than most people, and in addition, have significantly fewer cases of diabetes.

These people have low levels of PAI-1, a protein that comprises part of a “molecular fingerprint” related to the aging of cells. It was already known that this protein was related to aging in animals, but researchers weren’t sure how it affected humans.

3. High altitude athleticism

The Tibetan people have always been famous for their ability to scale the planet’s highest peaks with ease while others feel incredibly sick while doing so. But as it turns out, Tibetan people are actually born with specific DNA built to handle things like this. Genetic analysis showed that ethnic Tibetans have adapted to mountain life. Specific genes give them the ability to metabolize oxygen more efficiently and protect themselves against a vitamin D deficiency.

4. Supertasting

There are some people in the world who have the amazing ability to sense the taste of everything more intensely. The cause of this is unknown, although researchers believe it’s related to the presence of a specific gene and an increased number of certain bacteria on the tongue which can be revealed with blue food dye. Approximately 25% of people are non-tasters, 50% are medium-tasters, and 25% are “supertasters.”

Even though it’s impossible to say what products are the most preferable for supertasters, some documented examples of foods that are less consumable by them include: onion, coffee, grapefruit juice, green tea, cabbage, broccoli, and soy products.

5. Unbreakable bones

It’s unbelievable, but there’s a family in the USA with members of which have no history of bone fractures at all. According to research, this can be explained by a genetic mutation that causes high bone density. Actually, this family likely has the strongest bones of anyone on the entire planet.

6. “One-sided” freckles

This rather attractive feature may appear for different reasons. Usually, freckles are associated with sun exposure, so maybe one part of the body was being affected more by it than the others. However, there was a case where what was thought to be the one-sided freckles appeared to be a specific birthmark.

7. Super sprinting

Some of us have a superpower that lets us be good at sports which is, again, explained by our genes. Researchers found that there was a specific “gene for speed” that makes muscles stronger, thus affecting a person’s ability to run faster or be very athletic.

What special features do you or your loved ones have? Share pictures or stories with us!


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In 2006, a woman in Quebec fought a polar bear to save several children: #womenpower indeed!


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