73-Years-Old Woman Breaks the Internet With Her Amazing Body and Is Sharing Tips on How to Look Like Her

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At 73 years old, Babette Davis stands as an inspiration for people, proving that age is just a number when it comes to adopting a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. A dedicated vegan for over 25 years, Davis shares her journey of self-love and wellness, encouraging women of all ages to embrace conscious choices for a fulfilling life.

A transformative vegan shift

Babette Davis, a renowned chef, motivational speaker, and fitness expert, remains unstoppable at 73.
Growing up battling asthma, eczema, and earaches, she found a way to live a healthier life without more medical problems.

Meeting her husband in 1990 marked a turning point. After a meal prepared by her husband, she decided to follow a vegan lifestyle and never looked back. Today, she channels her passion for conscious food choices through books, online recipes, and motivational posts, inspiring others to embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

Cultivating health every day

Starting her day with a green drink and ELlive blue-green algae, she maintains small meal portions, often opting for a handful of nuts for lunch. However, Davis’ commitment to health extends beyond her dietary choices. With a morning routine that begins at 2 a.m. and includes a dedicated workout, she exemplifies the importance of integrating well-being into every aspect of life.

She is also the owner of the Californian restaurant “Stuff I Eat,” specializing in vegan and eco-responsible cuisine. With the desire to bring healthy, plant-based options to her community, she is living proof of the positive impact of a health-focused life.

The wisdom of acceptance

Central to Babette Davis’ philosophy is the wisdom of self-acceptance and self-care without the burden of comparison. She emphasizes the importance of wanting to remain beautiful while nurturing solid self-esteem. Davis reminds us that embracing our unique journey is key to cultivating lasting well-being. She serves as a powerful inspiration, challenging societal norms and illustrating that age does not define our capabilities.

A symbolic photoshoot

In December 2020, Babette Davis celebrated her 70th birthday with a striking black swimsuit photo shoot titled “Seven at Seventy.” Initially planning to share only two photos, comedian Michael Colyar, a close friend of Davis, encouraged her to release seven, suggesting the new name of the series. The daily unveiling created a buzz and kept followers eagerly awaiting each new photo.

With newfound online popularity came unexpected challenges. Davis fell victim to hackers who compromised her six-year-old verified Instagram account, @chefbabette. Locked out of her own platform, Davis’s team swiftly alerted followers about the security breach. While the hacker attempted to post unauthorized content, Davis’s resilient followers rallied against the intrusion, ultimately driving the hacker away.

Despite the frustration and initial shock, Davis maintained perspective during the hacking incident. She viewed the experience as an important reminder that life is more important than any online platform.

Her dedication to a vegan lifestyle, commitment to an active routine, and unwavering self-love underscore the transformative nature of adopting healthy choices at any stage in life. Davis’ journey reinforces the idea that true wellness emanates from within, encouraging individuals to prioritize their health and happiness.


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