9 Kitchen Products That Can Make Cooking a Piece of Cake

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Everyone knows how important it is to wash your hands thoroughly. But what about utensils? As it turns out, viruses can just as easily be spread by way of cross-contamination from them. It can be rather dangerous to our health. That’s why it’s important not to cut corners by not washing your knives and graters, as well as your hands and any produce you cook with.

And as long as we are on the subject of household supplies, let’s check out some awesome devices that will make the cooking hours fly by.

1. Wash your vegetables and fruits or drain your pasta with ease using this multipurpose product: “Love this colander; it’s sturdy, easy to clean, has a perfect hands-free design, and fits easily on any kitchen sink. If you’re like me, you wash all your fruit and vegetables or simply like to strain cooked food, and this is the handiest colander. It’s also dishwasher safe and easy to store.”

This product is made of BPA-free plastic, so it’s completely suitable for preparing healthy meals. It is heat-resistant (up to 212 °F) and dishwasher safe.


2. This brilliant set of utensils is quite handy in the kitchen: “These tongs are perfect for use on a grill, hot plate, or just on your hob. They would NOT be suitable for a BBQ, as the tips would melt, but they aren’t meant to be used on a BBQ. Really clever design, which allows easy storage (each side of the tongue can be brought together), and with a simple push on the top, the tongs open up again. The same top-end ring can be used to hang your tongs up after use. Easy to clean, we have only put them in the dishwasher once; the rest of the time, we washed them up by hand, as they are so easy to clean and wipe down after use.”

The tongs are made of thick 18/8 stainless steel that is rust-resistant and durable. They are very easy to use and have a built-in mechanism to hold them closed.


3. A nice-looking spatula set is just what you need for your cooking routine. Flip your pancakes with style! “Great value and you really get a high-quality product. Nice and stiff with wooden handles. I just made a trout on my flat grill, and it was delicious. I attribute 10% of the trout’s perfect visual appearance to these amazing spatulas.”

The spatula’s stainless steel metal thickness is 1.1 mm. It’s handwash only.

The set includes:

  • 1 cooking spatula turner
  • 1 grill spatula
  • 1 hamburger turner
  • 1 dough scraper


4. Fill this sprayer with oil and enjoy the fastest way to spread it evenly on a pan or directly on veggies: “Having just bought an air fryer, I got this to spray potatoes, etc. After reading that some of the supermarket spray oils can ruin nonstick due to their ingredients, I filled it with my normal sunflower oil and was amazed at how well it sprayed. Getting another for olive oil.”

This bottle is BPA-free and has a capacity of 300 ml. It sprays with ease in the form of a nice mist.


5. A purchase that can be a step to healthy and uncomplicated cooking: “This griddle pan is great, easy to use, and easy to clean with just hot water. I like that the handle can be detached, and you can then use the pan under the grill. It’s not heavy, either. It is important to season the pan first, and after that, just washing it in hot water gets it nice and clean. Nothing stuck to it. I’ve made burgers and sausages so far, and they come out lovely and not at all dry. Steaks are next, I think. I was going to get a cast iron one at first, but now I’m glad I didn’t. I bought another one as a present.”

This frying pan is safe enough to use on any stove top, including halogen, gas, electric, induction, and ceramic. It is also scratch-resistant and comes with a removable handle. There are no heavy metals used in the production.


6. A silicone tray is capable of solving a lot of problems with cooking or storing your meals. It also helps to get creative: “I make a lot of homemade soup, and this is the best way to store it in the freezer. After the cube has frozen what is in the container, whether it’s soup or portion-controlled meals, I place the 2 cubes in a gallon freezer zip-lock bag. Write on the bag what’s in it and place it in the freezer. The cube allows for more meals because they take up more room. To get the meal out of the cube when you are ready to eat it, simply push down on the container to release the pressure on the top, and the top cover will come off very easily. What a great invention!!! I’ve bought several friends and family members these products. Highly recommend the containers! An absolute delight!”

This product is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. It’s also oven-safe (everything but the lid). It’s a great way to freeze leftovers without taking up much space in your freezer.


7. This dispenser can be a handy tool in your kitchen, and it has a pretty design as a bonus: “Really impressive — looks great, is easy to clean, and doesn’t leak or drip. I’d definitely buy it again.”

This product is suitable for many things: it can be an oil drizzler, a vinegar dispenser, or pour any other liquid you need. It is leak-proof and easy to use.


8. The salt and pepper mill set has a minimalistic but stylish design: “These grinders are brilliant. Quite large (for context, approximately 2 mugs tall), so you don’t need to refill it often. The adjustable grinding works like a dream, giving me super-fine salt and pepper up to a more coarse blend when I want it. Even happier with these than I thought I’d be!😁”

The grinding core is made of high-quality ceramics. There are 2 replacement ceramic grinders and a simple cleaning brush in the package.


9. An oil dispenser that is so original it went viral! The device is easy on the eyes and effective in use: “The best kitchen product I’ve purchased! It doesn’t leak, and it measures oil for you so you never have to dirty an extra measuring spoon. I love it!”

It has an easy grip and a simple pump (you need to just press the sides). Refilling and cleaning are easy due to the wide opening.


What kitchen products make your cooking routine easy-peasy?

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