9 Nightmare Decisions You Should Avoid During Renovation

3 years ago

When people are planning a renovation or just buying something nice for their place, they often look at beautiful pictures online and in magazines. But they don’t always read the reviews of people that have already tried certain design ideas. For example, kitchen cabinetry without knobs looks amazing both in photos and in real life, but they are really inconvenient to use in real life.

We at Bright Side found out about which trendy interior design ideas may turn into a nightmare.

Kitchen furniture without doorknobs

Kitchen cabinetry without ordinary knobs, that opens by having you press the surface, looks really cool and modern. But in reality, the surfaces will all be covered in fingerprints and the opening system is not always that convenient.

The tip-on system will take a long time to get used to because we’ve always opened doors by pulling them. Also, you might accidentally press the doors with your knees, hips, or other body parts. Obviously, these systems also cost quite a lot of money.

A kitchen wall with a lot of seams

The modern world offers a lot of different materials for the walls in the kitchen. But remember: the smaller the elements, the more difficult it will be to wash off the grease. Especially from the seams.

Complex chandeliers in the kitchen

Many people still think that big chandeliers with a lot of decorative elements are appropriate to have in the kitchen. In reality, it’s pretty hard to wash all of these small lighting elements. And the grease, together with the dust, will definitely build up on the chandelier. Nothing can prevent this from happening.

Chandeliers with cup-like shades

Chandeliers with cup-like shades may look pretty, but they are definitely not practical. There will be a lot of dust inside, you can be sure of that. So, if you decide to get this kind of chandelier, be prepared to have to wash them regularly.

Door handles with sharp edges

There are a lot of different door handles to choose from. And sometimes you don’t realize that some of them are dangerous until it’s too late. This is especially true for the handles with the sharp edges. You can get stuck on them with your clothes all the time and you can even tear your clothes. This has happened to the author of this article several times.

Bright colors in the kitchen

For a long time, people have been buying kitchen cabinetry in bright colors. It might look pretty in the beginning, but then you get used to these colors and they may even irritate you. You can and should use bright colors as an accent or to highlight something.

Upper kitchen cabinetry with pneumatic doors

Kitchen cabinetry with pneumatic doors seems very modern, convenient, and practical. But not if there are short people living in the house. Once, the door opens, you either have to jump to close it or climb onto a chair.

Also, sometimes the shelves are too close to the ceiling and the doors might not open to their fullest, so the shelves will be hard to use.

A cup-like sink made of glass

These sinks look amazing in photos. But in real life, they are really impractical. First of all, they can’t hold a lot of water, so you always have to watch and make sure the water doesn’t splash out or overflow.

Also, after each use, there will most likely be water stains on the sink and you will see them. So you will have to wash it every day.

Lights on top of the kitchen furniture

These lights look good, but they are not functional at all. They light up your head, but not your work surface. It’s better to put in lights right under the cabinetry.

Maybe you don’t agree with some of the ideas in this article and you have other ideas? Share them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit MrHamster / Depositphotos, Pixabay


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the first one isn't true, my parents have them in their house and it works perfect, it isn't even dirty


Its a good thing I love van life... Not so many renovation choices :p


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