A Photographer Captures the Beauty of “Imperfect” Animals to Help Them Find a New Home

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Every living creature wants to be loved and taken care of, especially when it comes to the ones who can’t live a full life for some reason. But, unfortunately, these kinds of animals are rarely adopted because most people only see their defects. To change this situation, photographer Alex Cearns created a series of photos called Perfect Imperfection. Alex captures the inner beauty of disabled cats and dogs in such a particular way that nobody can resist their sweetness.

Bright Side put together 16 touching photos of “imperfect” pets that prove — true beauty always lies on the inside.

16. Despite having one eye, being deaf in her left ear, and having a facial deformity, Aryah has the gentlest nature.

15. Vegemite lost an eye after being attacked by another dog, so now he has a permanent wink.

14. Mya had her eyes removed after painful glaucoma had set in. But her other senses are extremely acute.

13. Born with deformed legs, Jakk was left in a dumpster. Thankfully, his cries were heard, and he was rescued.

12. Bali Pip has mange, but her baldness doesn’t stop her from making the most of every moment.

11. Beau had skin cancer on his ears. He’s also deaf, but this doesn’t prevent him from living a full life.

10. 3-legged Jaffa had had a tough life for 8 years until a loving family finally found her.

9. After constant eye issues, Scrappy had both of his eyes removed.

8. Keisha is paralyzed, but her zest for life was encouraged by her family, and now she lives happily in her wheelchair.

7. Rupert only has 3 legs, but that doesn’t stop him.

6. Beautiful Bully Draco has a heart condition and sometimes faints.

5. Skye lost her left eye in an accident as a puppy, but it hasn’t slowed her down.

4. Peg had a rough start to life but she doesn’t let her special leg slow her down.

3. Neo is cross-eyed, but he doesn’t care.

2. Romeo’s right eye had to be removed after a fight with another dog.

1. Dumped in the bushes as a kitten, Сrash was born without eyes. But he was saved by a kind passerby and adopted.

Would you be able to adopt an “imperfect” pet? Or maybe you already have one? If so, feel free to share the photos of your furry friends in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


no matter how these cuties look, they will love us just as much ❤️

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