A Photographer Creates Wonderful Scenes That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Straight Out of a Little Girl’s Dream

3 years ago

Artistically-minded people look at common things differently and are able to find inspiration in anything. A photographer from Moscow named Kristina Makeeva turns any landscape into a magical fairytale! In a series of stunning portraits, she pairs travel photography with fashion, and the result will definitely leave you in admiration.

At Bright Side, we have collected the most inspiring works by Kristina that will broaden the horizons of your imagination.

1. Burning sky

2. Lavender fairytale

3. Hiding under an umbrella of blue smoke

4. Shining ice of Baikal Lake

5. Gorgeous swan

6. Wearing stars

7. Flying over the tulip fields

8. Feeling like a Disney princess

9. Paris is always a good idea!

10. Fire dancing

11. Pink goddess

12. Holding the moon in your hands

13. Queen of the desert

14. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

15. The reddest square

16. Paris merry-go-round

17. The sea of silk

18. Love is everywhere.

19. Gentle lotus flower

20. The sense of freedom

21. “My place in the world”

22. When all the stars are aligned

23. Dream rising

Kristina has a beautiful ginger cat that surely can be called her favorite model.

Which of these pictures amazed you the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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