A Woman Is Pregnant With Her Late Husband’s Baby, 2 Years After His Death

Mariah and Chris were a young couple eager to start their own little family. Unfortunately, life took an unexpected turn when Chris passed away after a long and brave battle. But thanks to science, the young woman is finally making their wish a reality by having her late husband’s baby. This is a story that proves hope will always reappear to illuminate our days even after we’ve been through the biggest challenge of our life.

Becoming parents was their dream.

Chris Smith was just 24 when he was diagnosed with sinus cancer. He bravely fought it for 3 years but ended up losing his battle in February 2021. But before starting his therapy, Chris made sure to freeze his sperm.

Mariah explained that her husband ’’refused to start treatment until he had banked sperm’’ just in case ’’chemotherapy left him infertile.’’ She noted, ’’We wanted to know we could have the family we dreamed of. It was a must for us to share a family.’’

The couple had hopes that “he would survive,” and they stayed optimistic until the end.
But just in case things took a turn for the worse and he didn’t make it, the young man made it clear to his wife that he wanted her to use his sperm.

Mariah agreed to the idea. She revealed, “I promised him I’d chase our dream of having kids.”

Knowing that she can have his kid is what helped Mariah stay strong.

Sadly, Chris passed away in 2021. And the idea that one day she could still have his child is what helped Mariah carry on and take care of herself while looking toward the future.

She noted, “Becoming a widow at 24 was just as awful as it sounds. But I had something to hang on to: the promise of having Chris’ child.” She added, “I still had that piece of him. I had the option to have our own family, even though it’d look very different than I’d anticipated. I could keep him alive in this way for our family and friends.”

Experiencing motherhood without her husband won’t be easy.

However, the process of getting pregnant wasn’t an easy one. Mariah went through one round of IUI, 3 rounds of IVF, and she once suffered from a miscarriage.

Luckily, things ended on a positive note, and she is now expecting her and Chris’s baby (and it’s a girl!).

The mother-to-be opened up about having mixed feelings as she is getting ready to welcome her baby girl. She admitted that the birth would be “a moment of immense joy and sadness.”
She shared that the fact that her husband won’t be present during those life-changing moments “will bring a new kind of grief.”

Chris will forever be with them.

Even though Chris is no longer here, the couple had already discussed raising their child, and the 26-year-old widow will make sure to keep her late husband’s memory alive.

She revealed, “Chris and I had plenty of conversations about how we would parent, and I feel prepared to do what he would have wanted.” She added, “I’ll do my absolute best to make sure my children know Chris, without ever being able to know him.”

What do you think of Mariah’s journey? What advice would you give this mother-to-be?


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