An Adorable Squirrel Rescued From a Hurricane Can’t Sleep Without Her Cuddly Teddy Bear, and the Cuteness Is Overwhelming

4 years ago

Jill is a squirrel that got rescued from the deadly Hurricane Isaac back in 2012 when she was just weeks old, and this adorable squirrel has been sleeping with her own cuddly teddy bear ever since. Jill has been living a happy life with her family in Louisiana and now she is practically a celebrity with over 658K Instagram followers.

Jill the squirrel captured our hearts here at Bright Side with her daily shenanigans. We honestly can barely handle all that fuzzy cuteness, and we bet you’ll feel the same.

The adorable squirrel fell out of her nest during the hurricane, but luckily her current family took her in and took care of her. Even though the plan was to help Jill restore her health and let her back out into the wild, she ended up staying and now, she can’t imagine her life any other way.

According to her Instagram profile, this fuzzy little squirrel has some rad parkour skills and her only fear is the sound of vacuums... who knew? Jill is also a vegetarian and loves Starbucks napkins, but not quite as much as she loves napping. And the cutest part is that whenever she’s ready for her nappy nap-time, she insists on cuddling with her miniature teddy bear.

This squirrel is potty-trained, as her owner taught her how to use the garbage can as her bathroom, and even though she has her own cage, she’s always on the loose and freely jumps around the house. Jill also loves to dress up, is super-photogenic, and dazzles the Instagram world with her daily antics.

It’s been a long time since this adorable little squirrel got rescued, and as we can see on her Instagram profile, life’s pretty sweet for her. Jill’s owner treats her like the Instagram celebrity she is, as Jill enjoys the occasional breakfast in bed, sleeps on only the softest pillows, and takes as many naps as she likes with her irreplaceable sleeping buddy.

Yes, Jill the squirrel lives quite the life, and she’s probably one of the most popular pets on Instagram. She even has her own line of custom-designed pillows, so we don’t need to emphasize just how big of a celebrity this little squirrel is.

Isn’t she just the loveliest little squirrel you’ve ever seen? Tell us what you think about the glamorous life of Jill the squirrel in the comment section.


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