An Art Critic “Cosplays” as Famous Paintings and Now We Are Not Sure If Life Imitates Art or Vice Versa

2 years ago

Don’t think that art critique is boring! Olga Tolstunova smashes that myth to pieces with elegance and style: on her Instagram account, she recreates masterpieces from all around the world and educates her audience with interesting facts and neat details. Even if you don’t care about art history, you’ll probably find yourself drawn in by the sheer passion and beauty in these “cosplays.”

We at Bright Side were awestruck by Olga’s work, so we collected paintings-brought-to-life that impressed us the most to share with you.

1. “Lady Lilith”, Gabriel Rossetti

2. “The Lady in Gold”, Gustav Klimt

3. “Portrait of a Young Girl”, Petrus Christus

4. “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, Johannes Vermeer

5. “Self Portrait With Peacock Waistcoat”, Egon Schiele

6. “Nakamura Utaemon”, Natori Shunsen

7. “Russian Beauty”, Konstantin Makovsky

8. “Judith and the Head of Holofernes”, Gustav Klimt

9. “Princess Volkhova”, Mikhail Vrubel

10. “Lace maker”, Vasily Tropinin

11. “A Roman Lady”, Frederic Leighton

12. “Young Italian Girl”, Friedrich von Amerling

13. “Medusa”, Carlos Schwabe

14. “Tea Drinking”, Konstantin Makovsky

15. Pablo Picasso

16. “The Bridesmaid”, John Everett Millais

17. “Christmas”, Eden Upton Eddis

18. “Sportwoman”, Ivan Kulikov

19. “Medusa”, Caravaggio

20. “Narcissus”, Caravaggio

21. “A Ukrainian Girl”, Ilya Repin

22. “The Chocolate Girl”, Jean-Étienne Liotard

23. “Daune O’Neill”, George Washington Lambert

24. “Fortuneteller Svetlana”, Karl Bryullov

25. “Nefertiti Bust”

What masterpiece would you like to see recreated?

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Preview photo credit olya.insideart / Instagram


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