An Artist Photoshops Celebrities With Their Younger Selves, and It’s Too Touching for Words

5 years ago

Photoshop master, Ard Gelinck, turns time-travel into reality by uniting photos of the same celebrity at different ages. His throwback pictures combined with the more recent ones make his viewers nostalgic and may even make some shed a tear. He posts his work on his Instagram pages and his number of subscribers has already exceeded 25,000.

We at Bright Side were astonished at how simple but stunning his works are and would like to give you a chance to look at these photos too.

Freddie Mercury

Amy Winehouse

Tina Turner

Harrison Ford

Robbie Williams

George Clooney

Daniel Radcliffe

Leonardo DiCaprio

Emma Watson

Ed Sheeran

Julia Roberts


Tom Cruise

Michiel Huisman

Justin Timberlake

Johnny Depp

Jennifer Aniston

Mick Jagger

Michael J. Fox

Bruno Mars

Sylvester Stallone

Paul McCartney

Tom Hanks


Brad Pitt

What do you think of this project? Did you like it? Which other celebrities would you like to see in this project? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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I totally knew that I wouldn't find Keanu Reeves in this list ? He hasn't changed since Middle ages ?


Feels like it was a week ago when I watched first parts of Harry Potter with Emma Watson being a little girl with long curly hair. And now astonishing young lady... Time flies!


Ed Sheeran haven't changed so much.. :) Same big beautiful eyes and cute smile


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