Bindi Irwin on Living With Endometriosis: “It’s So Easy to Feel Alone”

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The daughter of the famed zookeeper and conservationist, Steve Irwin, opened up about her history with endometriosis. In an interview, Bindi Irwin got candid about what she has learned from her painful experience and shared advice for others who might be dealing with the same health condition.

She wants to help people on their road to healing.

In an interview, Bindi Irwin revealed what she had taken away from her battle with endometriosis and how it can be used to improve oneself. “You have to advocate for yourself. You can’t take no for an answer... You feel so defeated when you can’t find an answer. And it’s really scary,” the 24-year-old said and went further on the struggle of getting properly diagnosed.

“I know with endometriosis, the sad thing is that it often doesn’t show up on any scans. I got every scan under the sun, and nothing showed up. It wasn’t until I had that exploratory surgery that they knew what was going on,” she added.

Bindi, who got married in 2020 to long-time boyfriend Chandler Powell and gave birth to their only child Grace in 2021, also touched on the importance of being surrounded by loved ones and having a good support system. “You have to stay strong and surround yourself with people who love you and will be there for you no matter what. Because it’s really scary when you don’t have answers,” she stated.

“I think that we live in such a day and age where there’s so much information, and yet it’s so easy to feel alone, which is really, really difficult,” she continued. “So find the people who will love you unconditionally and never give up that hope because it’s so important to advocate for yourself and make this the year of your health.”

She has been raising awareness for the disease.

In March 2023, Bindi revealed on Instagram that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis after battling with it unknowingly for 10 years. The long-term condition causes tissue similar to the uterus lining to grow outside the womb, like in the ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

Since sharing her diagnosis, Bindi has been outspoken about her journey with the disease. In a recent Q&A posted on Instagram, which she hopes can help anyone going through a similar experience, she detailed every step, from how her first symptoms appeared at age 14 to seeking help and getting surgery once they intensified to a point where she was “scared [she] would pass out” after she gave birth.

However, the video ends on a positive note, with her claiming that she is “really excited.” “It feels like I won the lottery, and I get a second chance at life. I feel very lucky,” she said.

However, Bindi Irwin isn’t the only woman in the spotlight struggling with endometriosis. Hollywood veteran, Sharon Stone, has also had a difficult journey with it, having miscarried 9 times.


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I feel so horrible for her, but I'm so glad that she finally has answers now. Endometriosis is brutal and so painful to live with the scarring and tissue changes. I feel so badly for anyone that has to live with it. I am very happy that she has a very good support system and loved ones who can help her through the difficult times. I wish her strength, courage, healing, and peace during her journey.


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