Blake Lively Shares a Sweet Photo With Her Mom, 76, and Fans Can’t Get Enough of Her Caption

6 months ago

Blake Lively and her mom just posted a cute pic on Instagram, showing off some fancy Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Blake, from Gossip Girl, shared that her mom, Elaine Lively, is into wearing a bunch of jewelry, especially stacking necklaces. It turns out, her mom’s love for bold accessories comes from her days as a talent manager.

The mom and daughter both look stunning.

In a selfie caption, Blake playfully mentioned that instead of calling her mom a “hoarder,” she prefers to use the term “maximalist.” It seems like the love for collecting things runs in the family, and Blake jokingly wondered where she got it from.

The actress spilled the beans on the amusing conversation that happened before the adorable mother-daughter photo. She asked her mom, Elaine, for help to model Tiffany & Co. jewelry. When she inquired about which necklace her mom wanted to wear, Elaine’s response was, “All of them.”

“No. Pick your favorite,” Blake replied, to which her mom said, “ALL of them. Turn on The Makeup Light.”

The actress humorously admitted defeat, saying, “...the woman wins. Every time.” In the photo, both mother and daughter wear matching smiles and hairstyles. Blake’s vibrant charm shines through her choice of lock bangles, while Elaine’s timeless elegance is evident in her stack of lock pendants. Together, they create a beautiful snapshot of the special bond between a mother and daughter.

Fans were really impressed by how beautiful the mother-daughter duo looked. One commented, “Um, is that your sister?” while another exclaimed, “The most beautiful women on this earth.” Yet another remarked, “Like mother, like daughter,” and one more added, “I see two extremely gorgeous women in one frame.”

Preview photo credit blakelively / Instagram


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