Get Emotional Support Fries and 9 Other Stress Fighters to Survive a Tough Day

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Believe it or not, stress is good for the mind, and while we swear at it and want to avoid it, research shows that short-term stress increases alertness and performance in our brains. Of course, we are not talking about chronic stress. Therefore, instead of avoiding any difficult situations, we suggest learning how to deal with anxiety and worry. For this purpose, we have found a few nice things on Amazon that will help you get through a difficult day without souring your mood.

1. Smiling plush fries for those who don’t know how to turn a bad day around

  • It’s so funny! Take it out and put it back in the pack.
  • It’s so soft! Squeeze it to relax a little.
  • Just have a “potato fight” with a friend to blow off some steam. Push, squeeze, or throw the fries!

2. A funny dancing cactus will repeat everything you say after you. This is a good way to look at the problem from the outside!

  • He will make you laugh! Look at his crazy eyes and silly dances.
  • Share your painful problems with it, and the cactus will retell them to you in its ridiculous voice. Perhaps now they won’t seem quite as serious.
  • It glows in the dark!

3. On sad days, you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and order pizza. But you can become the pizza when you wrap yourself up in this!

  • Such a cool design! The realistic pizza drawing will make your day a little more fun.
  • It’s so big! This blanket measures 72 inches, which will allow you to wrap yourself in it completely and hide from your problems.
  • Its easy-care, lint-free fabric is just what you need if you don’t want to mess around with cleaning. Just pop it into the washing machine!

4. This huge plush cat won’t run away when you want to cuddle with it.

  • This soft, elastic cat is waiting to hug you! Choose the largest size and fall asleep with your arms wrapped around him!
  • Knead and twist it, as it’s very durable and pliable!
  • Use the cat as a full-body pillow for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • It’s just super cute and very kawaii!

5. Anti-stress squeeze balls are ready to take the weight of your nervous tension.

  • A set of 12 balls with different facial expressions will amuse you with one look.
  • Imagine that this is your problem or that person who ruined your mood. Squeeze and knead it mercilessly...and look at that face!
  • You can also throw these soft and safe balls at walls!

6. The plush hippo warmer will help your body relax and fill the space with the soothing aroma of lavender.

  • It’s just an incredibly cute and fluffy toy, but only at first glance!
  • Put the hippo in the microwave and warm it up a little. Voila! You have a cool heating pad in your hands.
  • Relax whatever body parts need a little love with gentle heat and ease anxiety with a subtle soothing fragrance.

7. This clicker cube will help those who don’t know where to put their hands on a hectic day.

  • Spin, tap and click as this dice is designed to relieve stress. It is also used to help with ADHD.
  • It is a good alternative to various nervous habits. Clicking is definitely better than biting your nails!
  • Improve your manual dexterity and fine motor skills with this soft touch cube!

8. This toy for your fingers will satisfy the desire to fiddle with something for anxiety.

  • This is another way to focus and relieve accumulated stress through fine motor skills of the hands.
  • The design of the infinite transformer allows you to sort through the cubes without stopping as much as you want.
  • The cute design and the pleasant click of the magnets makes this a real pleasure.

9. A set of 5 jars of multi-colored squeezing putty for you to enjoy playing with

  • Pleasant to the touch, this non-toxic putty has different densities and degrees of softness depending on the color. Choose one based on your mood!
  • It is incredibly pleasant to knead in your hands! Use the most gentle mass to roll in your hands and relax as you touch it.
  • Grab a harder putty and squeeze it with force and strengthen your hands.

10. A set of 2 anti-stress coloring books for adults will help restore harmony through creativity.

  • Put your thoughts in order during the monotonous coloring of small details in the patterns.
  • There are no rules! Paint it in any way and with any materials.
  • 24 unique designs will not let you get bored. Create your little masterpiece by splashing emojis onto paper through color.

What’s the price of the most valuable thing that you accidentally broke in anger? Or have you already reached a level of zen and no longer have any problems?

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