“She’s 12, Give Her Some Space,” David Beckham’s New Pics With Daughter Deemed “Inappropriate”

6 days ago

David Beckham experienced a touching moment with his daughter, Harper, as they attended a soccer game in Miami on Saturday. Despite their charming appearance as a father-daughter pair, many people had differing opinions about their body language.


David, co-owner of the team, wished for some luck from his 12-year-old daughter, Harper, during the MLS game. Unfortunately, Beckham's team ended the match in a draw. Nevertheless, the 49-year-old dad and his youngest kid appeared to be in great spirits, as they were captured smiling and having a wonderful time together.

Throughout most of the match, Beckham maintained an upbeat demeanor, showcasing his style in a navy blue suit paired with a matching T-shirt. Harper, taking after her fashion icon mother, Victoria, sported a trendy pink T-shirt and jeans. She accessorized her outfit with a fashionable small yellow handbag.


Showing his pride as a father, he warmly embraced Harper as they watched the game, their shared laughter underscoring their close bond. Harper also cuddled up to her well-known dad, looking like she was thoroughly enjoying the match.

Many fans online admired the strong bond between the father and daughter. One commented, ’’I love how adored she is by her father. Must be nice being the youngest girl with 3 older brothers.’’
Another observed, "She seems nice, and he seems like a fantastic father.’’

Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press/East News

However, some people took issue with how David displayed his fatherly love.

A person shared, ’’Definitely OTT with Harper... she’s 12 give her some space....’’ Another remarked, ’’They are obviously close, but he does seem to treat her as very young.’’
A third user added, ’’Beckham needs to realize that his daughter is growing fast. He cannot hug her the same way he did when she was 5.’’ Others even deemed the pics to be ’’...totally inappropriate.’’

We celebrate the close relationship between this father and daughter. In a similar vein, another star who was recently seen with his child is Richard Gere. The actor's 24-year-old son made an uncommon public appearance, and people couldn't stop praising his look.

Preview photo credit PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo, CHRIS ARJOON/AFP/East News


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