I Kicked My MIL and Her Daughter Out of the House for Peeking Into My Drawers

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6 months ago

In today’s story, the main “characters” were already kinda distant because they came from totally different family backgrounds. One was living the good life, all healthy and wealthy, while the other was more about being chill and down-to-earth. Everything was manageable until one day, the in-laws decided to drop by the woman’s place, and things got so messy that she had to kick them out.

My (25F) and my boyfriend, Ryan, (27M) have been dating for a little over two years and recently moved in together. Something worth noting is that he comes from a very wealthy, upper class family, whereas I come from lower-middle class. They have imported furniture, crazy expensive artwork, a chef, a maid, etc. But Ryan is the complete opposite of his family. He doesn’t buy the most expensive items or shop at the most expensive stores like his family. He’s frugal, like me.

So yesterday, his mom and sister came to the house for the first time. We greeted them at the front door and their first comment was that the house is too small. Ryan and I just brushed it off because we knew that was coming. They came in and right off the bat made comments about how there isn’t enough artwork, that the couches look and feel cheap, the countertop is hideous, etc. They went so far as to critique the type of glass used on the shower door. Then they got to our bedroom, and even though I don’t have much respect for them, I thought they’d at least have the decency to not thoroughly dissect the entire room and just take a quick look. Boy was I wrong.”

“The first comment she made was about the way our bed was made. I have anemia, so I’m always very cold. So I sleep with the main comforter, a Sherpa blanket and a weighted blanket. The bed was made like normal, with my extra blankets folded in half on my side. I’ll admit it doesn’t look the prettiest, but it’s our room. I explained this to them, and they said that I could, at the very least, put them in the closet. I showed them that the closet is already full. They rolled their eyes and mumbled something I couldn’t understand.

This annoyed me, but I kept cool. But then they literally started going through our dresser drawers. I politely asked them to not do that, that those have personal items. They accused me of having something to hide. At that point I had enough. I asked them to leave. They looked dumbfounded, but I repeated myself. They turned to Ryan and asked if he’s really going to let me kick them out. He said that it is getting late, and they should get going so they don’t get home too late.

After they left, Ryan turned to me and said that it really wasn’t my place to ask them to leave. He said he only agreed because he didn’t want to argue in front of them and give them more reason to not like me, but if I wanted them gone, I should’ve said something to him, and he could’ve said something that would’ve prevented the argument. I said that they needed to be called out for their inappropriate behavior, and he wasn’t doing that, so I took it upon myself. This is the first argument we’ve had that hasn’t been resolved within a few hours, so I’m wondering if maybe I am in the wrong?”

People on Reddit had very harsh opinions on the matter.

  • Who goes through the drawers in someone else’s house? That’s insane behavior. Even if they had been perfect guests up until that point, that act alone is worthy of giving a guest the boot out the door. Sneaky__Fox85 / Reddit
  • BF’s family may have money, but they have no class. MidwestNormal / Reddit
  • Guests that start going through your drawers need to get kicked out. That_Contribution720 / Reddit
  • Going through your drawers is flat out rude and totally inappropriate! I don’t even open drawers in anyone’s rooms unless they specifically tell me! Everyone knows that rule. For a better result, your boyfriend should have kicked them out. Not you.
    But I think they were 100% forcing you to kick them out so they can now tell everyone “you had the audacity to kick them out without even consulting their son” and you’re a blah blah blah! OpinionatedAussieGal / Reddit
  • You definitely needed to stand your ground there, otherwise you would have to put up with that kind of behavior in the future (which you may anyways, tbh), but at least now they know that you will stand up for yourself, so maybe they won’t be as pushy and nosey. ijustwanttoaskaq123 / Reddit
  • They’re hypercritical, materialist, and from the very start they were walking all over you for the crime of making do within your budget. They don’t like you, and it’s not something you said or did, it’s pure classism, and they clearly don’t like your boyfriend being with someone they consider “beneath him”. There isn’t a magic thing that he can say that will make them stop this, and he needs to accept that if they’re going to continue this behavior, they won’t be welcome back. ChaoticNeutralDragon / Reddit
  • Sounds like your BF is concerned over their reactions, so they likely have him believing this is normal somehow, which sounds like conditioned submissiveness to them. Honestly, I’d tell him that isn’t normal and ask him why he’s upset, get him to understand this is nowhere near ok. At least he told them to leave, though. Waskomsause / Reddit
  • They were being so rude and as long as they don’t understand that, and don’t apologize for it, I don’t see why you would have them over again. And he might not normally be one, but your bf sounds kinda rude too. Was he with you in the room when that happened? Did he ask what happened? Does he understand how incredibly rude they were?
    He might be used to their behavior so his perspective of it might be different, but it’s weird to me, he is justifying their behavior. Are you sure he will have your back in the future if something like this happens again? yuffieisathief / Reddit
  • It’s your house too, you have every right to be uncomfortable and ask them to stop and leave if they don’t listen. Plus, who looks through drawers the first time they even see the house. mrmrsgoatman / Reddit

Having someone snoop through our things isn’t exactly fun, and it’s even worse when it’s your MIL.


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These people are disgusting! This is YOUR HOME, and the moment they got inside they insulted EVERYTHING. And your husband is not helping by enabling this horrible misbehaviour. He needs to be on your side or you need to divorce him.


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