I Lost My Wedding Ring at My Friend’s House, and She Doesn’t Let Me Look for It

6 months ago

Throughout life, we meet hundreds or maybe thousands of people in person. Yet, only a few become our best friends who are ready to go the extra mile for us. Sometimes though, our friends turn to our enemies all of a sudden. This is exactly what happened to our reader whose wedding ring was lost at her friend’s house.

File a report.

Try finding a photo of your ring on the internet or in your photos. Show it to the police and file a report. After doing it, text Jane something like this, “Since you refused to help me look for my wedding ring, I had to file a police report. I hope they can find it.”

You might want to add that your insurance company requires it in order to file a claim. If she finally lets you come and look for the ring, bring your husband or a police office with you.

Cut off contact with her.

A real friend would get out of her way looking for something that’s so important to you. Instead, Jane shut the door right in front of you. Even some taxi drivers are more willing to help strangers who lose their belongings in their cars.

Jane was polite and welcoming when you were helping her. However, once you needed help, she immediately turned her back on you. Decide if you really need such a “friend” in your life.

Check local pawn shops.

Jane might have sold your ring to a local pawn shop. Check the ones that are located near her home or her work. She might be unwilling to let you look for it because she already got money for it. Show them the photo of your ring and ask if they recently bought something like this.

Give her some time.

Jane might be too tired because of her illness and she might not be able to react adequately. You might want to wait for a few days until her mood changes for the better. Besides, some people tend to act irrationally or defensively when accused. Emotions can run high, and sometimes people need time to reflect on their behavior. Give Jane some space if needed, and contact her again a bit later.

There’s plenty of drama not only in friendships but also in relationships. In this article, our reader wants to divorce her husband because he “pranked” her by shaving her head. Now she’s reconsidering her relationship and can’t help but wonder why it really happened.


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