Jeremy Clarkson Is Voted “UK’s Sexiest Man,” Beating Ryan Reynolds and Idris Elba

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The Top Gear and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire host, Jeremy Clarkson, has been an integral part of British television for decades. So much so that female viewers have become so infatuated with his charm, they crowned the famous host as the sexiest man in the UK’s poll. Let’s he who posed the biggest threat to Clarkson’s new title.

1. Jeremy Clarkson

The poll was conducted by IllicitEncounters, a popular UK online dating website for married people. In total, 2,000 women voted for 62-year-old Clarkson, giving him a total score of 8 out of 10, fully cementing his position as an undisputed #1.

2. Gary Lineker

The second spot was also surprising, as it went to a former English football player, Gary Lineker. Since retiring from the sport, Lineker has been the BBC’s sports presenter for Match of the Day since from 1999. It’s clear that the host has stuck around on TV long enough to conquer many female hearts.

3. Mike Tindall

Closing spot #3 is another former English athlete — but this time it’s a rugby player, Mike Tindall. He was a part of the English rugby squad that took home the 2003 World Cup, so we can definitely see the appeal.

4. Ryan Reynolds

Richard Shotwell/Invision/East News

Now, no “sexiest men” list would be complete without a Hollywood star or 2. Ryan Reynolds swooped into 4th place, breaking the British streak. Interestingly, Reynolds is Canadian, but that didn’t stop him from landing in the top 5 of the UK’s chosen hunks.

5. Martin Lewis

And completing the top 5 is England’s favorite financial expert, Martin Lewis. He often appears on various talk shows giving out advice on how to save money.

Bonus: Idris Elba


One of the biggest surprises on the list is Idris Elba, who landed outside of the top 5, proudly occupying 7th place. In 2018, Elba became the Sexiest Man Alive, according to PEOPLE.

Evening Standard / eyevine/EAST NEWS

Our sincerest congratulations go to Jeremy Clarkson for topping such a well-rounded list. He and his partner of over 5 years, Lisa Hogan, should be very proud.

Preview photo credit michael melia / Alamy Stock Photo, Evening Standard / eyevine/EAST NEWS


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