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Hooded eyes have always been quite troublesome when it comes to make-up looks. Since extra skin covers everything on the lid, the work we do just disappears behind it, often making it look as if no make-up is actually there. Despite this, tips and tricks still exist.

Our duty at Bright Side is to unveil all of life’s tips and tricks, and this article does just that.

What are hooded eyes, and how to tell if you have them

“Hooded eyelids” is a term used to describe eyelids that have extra skin that folds over toward the lash line. Due to this, hooded eyelids may make your eyes smaller because the space on the lid is smaller.

A problem that derives from having hooded eyes, or hooded eyelids, is makeup application. Because the skin folds down and covers the eye, you may find that it hides most of your makeup underneath. However, there is still eye makeup for hooded eyes!

Apply eyeshadow past your crease

Since everything we apply on the lid is going to disappear, one makeup tip for hooded eyes is to apply eyeshadow a little higher, maybe even close to the brow bone. By doing this, eyeshadow is still going to show up when you look straight ahead without any problems. Just blend it upward, and the payoff will be great! You can do this not only with eyeshadow but with any makeup product that is destined to go on your eyes (eyeliner, glitter, etc.).

Create your own crease

Hooded eyelid makeup implies having your real crease hidden behind some extra folds of skin, so why not create a new one. You can create a new crease with makeup like this: over your eyeshadow, apply concealer above the crease (following the shape of your eye), to give the illusion that your natural crease is higher than it actually is. This way it will give the illusion of a crease, without actually being your natural one.

Highlight your brow bone

It is crucial to take all the necessary steps when it comes to making hooded eyes look bigger. One way to do makeup on hooded eyes is to highlight the brow bone. It will give a lifting effect, tricking the eye into thinking the skin is more lifted than it actually is.

Bonus tip: Highlighting works wonders on your face, just add a bit of highlighter under the brow bone, on the tip of and down the nose, and on the cheekbones to create an elevated effect.

Highlight your inner corner

Eye makeup for hooded lids also means highlighting your inner corner can be a good idea. When light bounces off that highlight, it will give the illusion of lifted eyes, despite them still being hooded. To achieve this look, simply take a look at where your inner crease starts, and apply some sparkle starting from there.

Bat wing eyeliner

One tricky thing when doing makeup on hooded eyes is applying eyeliner. Do not fret, though, there is a technique that might just help you: “bat wing” eyeliner. The name says it all.

When applying eyeliner, look straight ahead and draw your wing on the lid space that is exposed. Afterward, fill everything in, and the finished product is a wing that can be seen when looking ahead, and when you close your eyes, a “bat wing” can be seen.

Prime your lids

Priming is a crucial step in a general sense, however hooded eyes need priming due to the fold transferring makeup on the hood itself, which, when you open your eyes, could create a mess. Not only that, but priming creates a smooth surface for you to work on and ensures that your hooded eyelid makeup will stay in place no matter the weather.

Priming can also make eyeshadow pop more, whereas putting eyeshadow directly on your lid may not work since the color of your natural lid may not be even.

Always look forward when applying eyeshadow

Eyeshadow for hooded eyelids can be troublesome, however the trick is to look forward the whole time. This way, even if you have your eyes open, your hooded lids won’t cover any of the work you did underneath.

Jaleesa Jaikaran, makeup expert, says that: “You want to look forward when you’re doing eyeshadow for hooded eyes because if you look down or if you do anything else, you’re really not going to see the effect when the eyes are open. So try to always look forward.”

Use matte eyeshadow as much as you can

Matte eyeshadow is a great makeup for hooded eyes. Use a matte eyeshadow to create a shadow above your natural crease. This is going to trick the eye, and make it look like your crease is higher than it actually is. Not only that, but it will also make it look as if your crease is fading backward, making your eyes look more open.

Pro-tip: Keep those darker shadows on the outer part of your eyes, and the lighter ones closer to the inside of your eye.

Learn to shape your hooded eyes correctly

Instead of blending with circular motions, do your eyeshadow in straight horizontal lines. This is called the “straight-line” technique. Blending eyeshadow straight across instead of curving it around your eye will give the illusion of more eye-space on your hooded eyes. When doing makeup on hooded eyes, it’s important to deal with your eye space correctly, not blending past the point where your lid meets the end of your eyebrow.

Do you have hooded eyes yourself? Have you used any of the tips and tricks mentioned, or do you have your own?

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