Most People Are More Similar to Their Father Than Their Mother, Scientists Claim

3 years ago

Scientists discovered that most mammals are actually genetically more similar to their fathers. Many of us generally assume that children get approximately half of their DNA from their mom and half from their dad, but as it turns out, a father’s genes are more dominant. Despite the fact that genes from both sides are equally present in the child, they might act differently, creating an imbalance.

Here at Bright Side, we were so intrigued by this study that we couldn’t help but share it and explain what we learned with you.

We inherit the sex from fathers.

It’s possible to determine the sex of the baby by the father’s genes. In fact, a dad’s family tree can help to find out if the couple is having a girl or a boy, according to a study published in Science Daily.

It actually depends on the sperm — if it carries an X chromosome, together with the mother’s X chromosome, it makes a baby girl. Alternatively, if the father’s sperm is carrying a Y chromosome, it’s going to be a boy.

Boys can inherit fertility from their dad.

Fathers with fertility issues may pass them on to their sons, according to a study published in the Journal, Human Reproduction, though researchers can’t state it for sure and still need to fully study the mechanism.

Specifically, the research showed that boys conceived by the in vitro fertilization procedure are more likely to have low-quality sperm, just as their fathers did. This was also compared to data collected from men from families without fertility issues — kids there had much higher sperm counts.

We inherit mental health from our fathers.

Even though both parents can influence the future mental health of their children, fathers with schizophrenia, hyperactivity disorder, or attention deficit are more likely to pass these conditions to their children, according to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Other researchers shared that dads have a higher chance of developing new mutations in their DNA as they produce new sperm and grow older (as opposed to women who have all of their eggs at birth). So there’s a possibility that rare genetic diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders like autism can be inherited from fathers.

We inherit our smiles from our dads.

Tooth size and position, jaw shape, and more are all inherited from our parents, according to the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. However, the scientists share that it’s possible for the father’s genes to be stronger. So when it comes to a smile, the father’s genes can determine if the teeth will have soft or sensitive enamel or if the mouth will be overcrowded.

We inherit height from our fathers.

Apparently, taller dads make taller babies, according to researchers from the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Fathers appear to determine the future height of their children (as well as the length and the size of the fetus) but in contrast, don’t seem to affect the body shape or the weight of the child. In fact, mothers appear to influence how much body fat the children will have.

You can even inherit your father’s personality.

Researchers don’t exclude the influence genes have on the development of kids’ personalities, but the extent of this is still unknown. There’s evidence that genes can affect chemical messengers such as serotonin and dopamine, but again, researchers can’t state to what extent.

This might have an effect on the brain and influence personality traits based on depression, anxiety, or shyness, a study suggests.

Do you have any obvious similarities in your appearance or character with your father? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below.


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So many lovely pictures with fathers and children! Growing up with my dad was the best thing happened to me! Thanks dad :D


the older I get the more i notice how similar I become with my dad. and I'm actually proud of it :p


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