My Sister Is Demanding Me to Rename My Son and Our Parents Are on Her Side

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4 weeks ago

When Emma found out she was pregnant, it was a moment of pure joy. She and her husband, Jack, had been trying for a baby for a while, and now their dreams were coming true. But not everything went as they planned.

Emma explained the situation in a letter.

Emma recently sent us a letter explaining her situation and asking for advice. “Hi, Bright Side! After reading a lot of letters from your readers, I felt the courage to also send mine. My husband and I had a beautiful baby boy. The labor was long and exhausting, but holding my newborn son in my arms made everything worth it. The first time I looked into his eyes, I knew we had chosen the perfect name for him. Benjamin fit him perfectly.”

However, not everyone was thrilled with the name. “We decided to give him his name after he was born, so it was a surprise to everyone. When my sister Alice found out that we were naming the baby Benjamin, she freaked out. She told us that this name had been on her baby list since she was a kid and demanded we change it.”

She then continued, “I knew about this list, but thought it was a kid’s thing. Also, she is single with no prospect of getting pregnant in the near future.”

“Alice didn’t let it go. Over the next few weeks, she made her feelings increasingly clear. She suggested alternative names at every opportunity, ranging from the quirky to the downright bizarre,” mentioned Emma in her letter.

“I tried to be patient. But things took a turn for the worse at a family dinner a month after Benjamin’s birth. My husband and I had invited my parents and Alice over to celebrate the baby’s birthday. The evening started well, with laughter and stories, but it quickly soured when Alice brought up the topic of Benjamin’s name again.”

“I looked at my parents, hoping for support, but saw them nodding along with Alice. Then my mother said gently, ’Alice has a point. Benjamin is a lovely name, but she chose it before you. Why not consider something else? We just want what’s best for our family.’” Emma quoted.

She then continued, “The family is now torn about the moment I need them the most. Do you think I was so wrong by choosing this name?”

What we think you should do in this situation.

Stand firm in your decision.

  • It’s important to remember that your son’s name is a decision made by you and your partner. You chose this name because it holds significance for you. While family opinions can be valuable, the final decision rests with you.
  • Address the issue directly with your sister and your parents. Explain why you chose the name and how important it is to you and your partner. Make it clear that while you respect their opinions, the decision is final.

Set boundaries.

  • If your sister and parents continue to press the issue, it may be necessary to set firm boundaries. Let them know that ongoing pressure or attempts to change your mind are not acceptable and are causing unnecessary stress.
  • Remind your family that the most important thing is the well-being and happiness of your son, not the name he is given. Emphasize that you want a supportive and loving environment for him.

Compromise on other things.

  • To ease tensions, you might offer to involve your sister and parents in other aspects of your son’s life, such as choosing a middle name, helping with his room, or planning family activities. This can help them feel included without compromising your decision.

By standing firm and communicating clearly and respectfully, you can navigate this difficult situation while maintaining family harmony. Remember, you and your partner are the ultimate decision-makers for your child's name.

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What's the big deal if cousins have the same name, sounds efficient for family holidays, yell one name and two boys come running.


This is my own experience. I am the youngest of 3 daughters. Since childhood I want to have a daughter and name her "Ratri". I made a note in my private "dream book" Jump to our adulthood, my eldest sister had her first daughter and surprisingly named her "Ratri". I was surprised and felt a bit disappointed. But that's about it. I told the new mother that "Ratri" is a beautiful name. Long story short, now I happily have 3 boys and have no more chance to give birth because of a certain health condition that I have. I also have a very strong bond with my niece (she is the only niece I have). We are as close as mother-daughter could be.


Was this generation ALL dropped on their heads??? I've never heard this complaint ever. Now it's " you can't use that name because it's been on my list since I was 2!" Get over yourselves you bunch of narcissistic morons!


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