Nick Jonas Survived Diabetes Because His Family “Saved His Life” at 13 (Now, He Devotes His Time to the Cause)

7 months ago

Nick Jonas decided to mark the 18th anniversary of his diabetes diagnosis with a poignant message. In a video that features the singer and his mother, he describes how his family was crucial in saving his life from the disease, and warns others about the signs to look for.

His mother noticed something was off about his health.

Nick Jonas opened up about living with Type 1 diabetes since he was just 13-years-old. In a special Instagram Reel, Nick and his mother, Denise Jonas, discussed the four symptoms that could lead to a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes, all of which he experienced growing up: frequent urination, excessive thirst, exhaustion, and unexplained weight loss.

According to Denise Jonas, although her son was a driven and enthusiastic child, she started noticing changes in his behavior that alarmed her and sent her into a state of denial. Despite everything, Denise, and the rest of the family, including Kevin and Joe Jonas, urged Nick to checked by a medical specialist, which ultimately lead to his diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

In the clip, Nick then credits his family, particularly his mother, of recognizing the signs and ultimately saving his life, which to him shows the importance of having a good support system around you.

He had to learn to live with diabetes and overcome daily challenges.

With the diagnosis came new challenges, as he had to find the best way to navigate life with diabetes. The 31-year-old has previously talked about particularly difficult “milestone moments” in his life, from the guilt and self-doubt he felt soon after being diagnosed to failing to manage his health in his early 20s due to engaging in too many social activities.

Still, the singer has succeeded in managing the disease, including its lows and emotional struggles, thanks in part to having access to information about blood glucose levels which gave him precious insights into his condition. When reflecting on his diabetes journey in the same interview, Nick mentioned he would now advise his younger self to take a deep breath and recognize that tough days are not his fault, as the disease is “unpredictable.”

As a dad now, he appreciates how his parents dealt with the diagnosis.

Looking back now, as a parent himself, since he shares daughter Malti with his wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nick appreciates the strength and resilience his parents, Kevin and Denise, exhibited. He acknowledges them for providing him unwavering support throughout his health and career journey.

And, on the Instagram Reel, the singer didn’t forget to mention his own responsibilities as a dad when it comes to keeping an eye out for diabetes in his own child. In fact, for him, it’s particularly important to be vigilant of his daughter’s well-being, especially being attentive to the same symptoms he faced. Malti, who was born on January 2022, has an increased risk of Type 1 diabetes — a 1 in 17 chance, according to the American Diabetes Association.

He wants to raise awareness for diabetes and inspire others in a similar situation.

As he did with the Instagram video, Nick aims to start a conversation about Type 1 diabetes and give support to those in need, something he’s achieving through the non-profit organization Beyond Type 1, which has the goal to “unite the global diabetes community.” But not only that, he wants to be a role model to diabetic children, since that is something he deeply missed while growing up.

Plus, although he recognizes the importance of talking about the physical toll diabetes has on people, he is also passionate about addressing the mental and emotional impacts of diabetes, both in those with the condition and in their loved ones. And he once emphasized the need for programs, reading materials, and other initiatives to shed light on the emotional challenges that come with the disease.

Priyanka Chopra has been an important source of support for Nick since they started dating, but it’s mutual. She revealed how she almost lost her daughter and how Nick has been her #1 supporter.


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