Not Just for Rapunzel: These 15+ Men Prove Long Hair Is Royalty

year ago

Long hair was once the hairstyle of Kings, famous painters, and philosophers. Thus, it is not exclusive to one person, but having it is equivalent to royalty. It proves how suitable a man looks with tresses, and we are sometimes astounded by how beautiful it can be.

1. “Got myself a little trim.”

2. “Little nature hair selfie”

3. “You always regret a haircut!”

4. “More fierce than flow.”

5. “Haven’t seen any dreads lately, I hope you all like this.”

6. “It felt like good lighting and this is my monthly flow progression.”

7. “I hope everyone had a nice week!”

8. “My hair has good volume and a lot of body.”

9. “Got to plan on a shape-up cut but loving the length.”

10. “I raise you a clothed merman.”

11. “Couple months shy of 2 years regrowing the flow from chopping it short.”

12. “Rocking a new gym top with my long style.”

13. “Length is coming in and still shocked that there are very few grays in there as I’m coming up on 40.”

14. “3 solid years with one trim.”

15. “It was great to have my hair done by a hairdresser.”

16. Kept my long hair and long mustache.

17. “2.5 years into the flow!”

18. “I went to a barber to have it all cut off and he convinced me not to, so here I am.”


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first guy looks like my name is Earl with hair


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