“She’s the Man,” Star Amanda Bynes Explains a Reason Behind Her Drastic Change

6 months ago

After a decade of staying largely out of the spotlight, Amanda Bynes, renowned for her role in She’s the Man, is making a comeback in the entertainment industry with a new role. However, fans couldn’t help but notice that her appearance has undergone a noticeable change since her heyday. Nevertheless, Amanda has a valid explanation for this transformation.

Amanda remained out of the spotlight for more than ten years.

The actress rose to prominence in the 1990s and early 2000s with her show The Amanda Bynes Show and went on to make notable appearances in films such as She’s the Man and the musical Hairspray.

For over ten years, Amanda largely retreated from public attention, revealing little about her personal life amid various challenges. During this time, she shifted her focus away from Hollywood and successfully earned an associate’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2019.

She intends to work as a manicurist now.

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Recently, Amanda Bynes returned to the spotlight and launched her podcast but soon after declared her intention to cease podcasting and instead pursue a career as a manicurist.

Amanda mentioned in her announcement that despite the success of her podcast’s first and only episode, she found herself more drawn to the idea of a “consistent job.”

“The 1st episode of my podcast did really well... I was actually surprised and, of course, was going to keep going after friends encouraged me to,” Bynes wrote. “After thinking about it, though, I would rather get my manicurist license and have a consistent job. I’m going to follow that path instead. Thank you for following my journey.”

Her decision to move away from podcasting has been met with positive reactions from her supportive fan base.

Amanda commented on the reasons behind the changes in her appearance since then.

Following her comeback, keen fans observed a change in Amanda’s appearance. Addressing this, Amanda decided to be transparent and revealed that she underwent cosmetic surgery on her face.

Bynes disclosed that she had undergone blepharoplasty, a procedure focused on removing skin around the eyelids, commonly referred to as an eyelift. “I was never open about this before, but I actually had blepharoplasty surgery on the skin folds and the corner of my eyes,” shared Bynes.

The actress expressed that the surgery had a profound impact on her self-esteem, highlighting the positive influence it had on her overall well-being. “It was one of the best things I could’ve ever done for my self-confidence, and it made me feel a lot better in my skin, so I just wanted to post about that just to clear up that rumor as to why I have a new look,” she said. “I feel a lot better now about myself, and I’m so glad I had the blepharoplasty surgery. It was one of the greatest things I could’ve ever done.”

Plastic surgeries have the potential to bring about significant changes in one’s appearance. We’ve identified 10 celebrities who underwent numerous surgeries and experienced considerable transformations.

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