Sinister Clowns Walk in This Forest and Spook People

8 months ago

One guy was walking in the forest of County Park, in Huntington, New York. He came to a mysterious small area where he found cans of leftover food and a dirty blanket on the ground. Broken branches lay nearby, folded into a strange shape resembling a cage. And almost every tree had A4 sheets of paper hanging on it.

There were about 10 sheets in total. Someone carelessly stuck them to the trunks with duct tape. All these sheets had photos of missing people and some information about their disappearance: a city where a person had vanished and the local police phone number.

The guy got scared and ran away. But before that, he filmed everything on his phone. He posted the video on the Internet. And after that, Reddit users started their own investigation. It turned out all those people whose faces were printed on the posters were really missing. The man who discovered this place called the police.

Fortunately, the officers quickly found the person who had done this. He threw a Halloween party and decided to hang posters of missing people to create a scary atmosphere. He removed all the photos, and the police stopped the investigation.

Do you know these guys standing in the streets and holding a “Free Hugs” sign? Oh, it’s so cute. They give so many positive vibes to people! And now, imagine you’re walking through a dark forest, alone, in the fog. And somewhere in the thicket, you notice a small gray house. It’s hidden in the foliage and looks like an entrance to a bunker. It has no windows, only a dark doorway leading into the darkness.

And you see that someone wrote “free hugs hut” on the wall. Yeah, not so cute this time. The exact location of this hut is unknown, but it’s somewhere in the forests of Wisconsin. In fact, there’s nothing terrible inside — some garbage, dry leaves, cobwebs, and moss. Teenagers or homeless people like to hang out in this hut. Some of them probably had a good sense of humor if they wrote this phrase on the wall.

But imagine if a scary pale old woman had been living there for years. She’d be waiting for you inside to hug you tightly with her long thin arms...

We’re in Greenville, South Carolina. There’s a forest next to this town. You go there and notice a silhouette of a man. It’s a big sinister clown. You freeze in fear. He’s just standing there among the trees and looking at you, smiling. Your knees are shaking; you’re sweating. The clown raises his hand and beckons you with his finger. You don’t go, and the clown makes a sad grimace. Then, he takes some money out of his pocket and shows it to you.

You finally return control over your body and run away from the forest as fast as you can. The scariest thing is that there are several such clowns in the woods of Greenville. Many locals have seen them walking among trees attracting people’s attention with green laser pointers. Fortunately, instead of approaching them, residents went to the police station.

The clowns called people to an abandoned house in the woods. Officers searched the building but found nothing suspicious there. Still, locals prefer to avoid the forest.

In forests, you can not only see but also hear something terrible. For example, you can hear people’s screams. These sounds come from nowhere and only at night. They can drive you mad if you don’t know their nature.

Coyotes live in forests all over North America, Canada, and Mexico. In the winter and spring, these animals howl and scream. Even if one coyote does it, it may seem that several of them have surrounded you.

This illusion occurs because there are many different sounds in the forest. Birds, animals, the sound of falling rain — all this mixes with the coyote’s howling, and it may seem to you that these animals are everywhere. Also, coyotes can change the tones of their voices and sound like people! Now, let’s forget about creepy things and find something beautiful in the woods.

You’re in a wide green clearing surrounded by a dense forest. You approach the thicket and see a hole in it. It’s not a huge hollow but a perfectly round passage. It looks like a portal to a magical land. And it’s the creation of a famous Finnish artist named Antti Laitinen. He carefully cut the leaves and branches of the surrounding trees to create the perfect circle. He called it Broken Landscape.

Besides this hole, the artist has many other unique works. He almost always deals with nature. He has created similar small circles resembling suns in the dense branches of leafless trees. You don’t need to travel all over the world to see them. You can find photos of almost all of the artist’s works on the Internet.

Let’s move to the green forests of Scotland. Walking among trees and bushes, you can come across human figures. They stand motionless and faceless and reflect everything around them — quite literally. The famous Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland made these statues out of plexiglass. This is a special kind of glass that reflects light like a mirror.

Six sculptures make up a large Vestige installation. Each figure is in a different pose. They reflect trees, bushes, and grass, merging with the forest. In summer, when everything is blooming, the figures are beautiful. But in early spring or late autumn, they reflect nothing but grayness and lifelessness, which makes them look pretty creepy.

The sculptor wanted to show a trace of people who lived in the forests many years ago when humanity was more connected to nature. At that time, survival strongly depended on the state of forests and harvests. And these statues show this unity with the woods.

There’s a stunning forest in the south of Japan. There are no strange things there — it’s weird by itself. If you look at the forest from a height, you will see that the trees there grow in concentric circles. There are several of them. The closer to the center of this area, the closer the trees are standing to each other. In the outer row, the trees don’t grow densely. The whole area resembles mysterious circular patterns in fields all over the world.

But this is not a natural anomaly but the result of human intervention. In 1973, people planted trees so that they created 10 concentric circles. The main idea of this experiment was to find out how cedars could grow in such “circular” conditions. The researchers called this place “experimental forestry.” Surprisingly, the trees began to grow in a convex shape, symmetrically fanning out. This proved that the size of the gaps between the trees greatly affected their growth.

Initially, the scientists planned to cut the trees down after the experiment was over, but the place became very popular with tourists. People love to walk along these trails and take beautiful pictures using drones.

The next strange finding is in the US. This is Vashon Highway, surrounded by a large forest. In its thicket, you can find an unusual tree with a rusty red bicycle inside its trunk. It looks like it grew into the trunk and became a part of it. Only the handlebars and one of the wheels stick out of the bark.

The bike got into this tree in the 50s. One young guy received it as a present for his birthday. But he didn’t like its handlebars and rugged wheels. So, he just left this present near a bush and never came back for it.

The bush turned out to be a young tree. With time, its trunk expanded and grew around the iron body of the bicycle. When locals noticed this, they decided not to remove the bike from the tree. And they did right, since this place became popular among tourists!


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