The Story of the 23-Year-Old Woman Who Takes Care of 34 Children on Her Own

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Life can be a road full of adversity, but it can also be an opportunity to find purpose. Such is the case of a courageous woman whose childhood was marked by suffering but who has become a symbol of love and hope. Against all odds, this woman has transformed her pain into a powerful force to change the lives of others. Today, with more than 30 children, she provides them with a loving home and a future full of possibilities.

Tusayiwe Mkhondya has become a beacon of hope for orphaned and abandoned children in Mzuzu, Malawi. She is one of thousands of teenage girls in that country who became pregnant while still minors.

Tusayiwe gave birth at the tender age of 16. And at 20, she founded a non-profit organization that supports young mothers and offers early childhood development services and education to orphans and children living on the street.

She stated, “I started the organization because I became pregnant when I was very young. Being a mother, I discovered that many young mothers fail to make progress because of the multiple challenges they meet.”

Tusayiwe gave birth to a son with special needs, who, according to her, was constantly mistreated by his teachers at school. Upon discovering this, she decided to open a school for children with special needs in her home to help other children like him.

Mkhondya uses TikTok to share her daily life at the school she founded. She has built a supportive community of more than 2 million users.

Tusayiwe’s preschool started with just ten children. Since then, the school and orphanage she opened have grown impressively.

Currently, she has 34 children, whom she cares for as her own and loves with all her heart. Her day starts at 4 a.m. when she starts preparing all meals for each one of her children.

“I am the only one who cooks for the children under five, and each child has their morning chores. Everyone collaborates to prepare the food,” she said in one of her posts.

That’s how it is every day with her 34 children. She also revealed, “The children go to bed at 7:00 p.m., but the night shift really starts at that time, as many babies need to be fed.”

“I have to feed them and also change their diapers. After they fall asleep, I take the opportunity to also start work for the next day,” she said.

Tusayiwe’s intention is not only to give them food, love, or a roof over their heads but also to provide them with education, empowerment, and skills to face the world. Despite being only 23 years old, she dreams that her charity will continue to grow. In one of her videos, she recounts that people told her she “couldn’t do it alone” and that her friends went to college while she stayed home with her baby. But now she’s proud that she did it.

“Once we have the land, I hope we can build shelters this year to receive and help more abandoned and street children,” she said.

Mkhondya’s work is applauded by all her followers. Many point out that if taking care of one child is difficult, taking care of 34 every day must be a titanic task. However, the love and desire of this woman fill her with enough strength to continue.

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This woman is a real treasure and a gift to all of these children. I'm so happy for her incredible generosity and compassion for all of them. I wish her continued success and hope that she receives all of the help that she needs to continue with their care. Bless her heart and all of the children whose lives she has touched through her work there.


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