“This Shakes My Heart,” Bruce Willis’s Family Honors Him in a Poignant Father’s Day Tribute — Fans Are Heartbroken

3 weeks ago

The blended family of Bruce Willis, comprising his second wife, Emma Heming, his former wife, Demi Moore, and his three eldest daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, came together to honor him with a joint Instagram post on Sunday, wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

The heartfelt post showcased a series of 10 sweet photos, including vintage ones. It was accompanied by the caption, ’’Happy Father’s Day to our favorite girl dad. We love you, BW!’’

Two of the throwback pics showed the 69-year-old retied actor cradling his eldest child, 35-year-old Rumer, when she was a baby.

Other vintage snapshots showed Bruce holding his daughters when they were young, as well as tender moments with his younger children — Mabel Ray, 12, and Evelyn Penn, 10 — from his marriage to Emma. The post also included a touching recent photo of Scout gently touching her father’s cheek.

Fans online felt deeply moved by the touching post, and they sent their best wishes to the actor and his lovely family. One fan shared, ’’It’s a terrible illness but being surrounded by such a kind and caring family is the best anyone could hope for under the circumstances.’’ Another wrote, ’’This shakes my heart, lovely Bruce, send a lot of hugs.’’ A third simply exclaimed, ’’What a man!!’’

The father of five announced his retirement from acting in 2022 due to his battle with aphasia, a brain disorder. In February 2023, his family disclosed that Bruce had also been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, an irreversible condition that affects speech and motor functions.

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We admire how close Bruce’s blended family is. Recently, the actor’s wife, Emma, and daughter, Tallulah, attended the “Pulp Fiction” 30th anniversary on his behalf, and it was a highly emotional moment.


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