Will Reeve Embraces Comparisons to Father Christopher Reeve: “I Always Take That as a Compliment”

7 months ago

Will Reeve recognizes that the public’s curiosity about his striking resemblance to his renowned father is a form of praise. Speaking at the An Eve with Reeve fundraiser event, the youngest offspring of the late actor and activist Christopher Reeve and Dana Reeve, shared his thoughts on the matter.

Expressing his gratitude for the life he leads, 31-year-old Will emphasized that if people notice his resemblance to his famous dad, it’s a positive reflection on their family, honoring their memory and legacy. Adding, “I always take that as a compliment. I think that I had two beautiful parents, inside and out, and if I bear any resemblance to them physically, or temperamentally, or in my values, then I take that as a compliment every day.”

The An Eve with Reeve gala is an event that has spanned three decades. Will, alongside his sister Alexandra Reeve Givens, discussed their efforts to raise funds for the foundation during the New York City Marathon. Will identified his ability to connect with people as his own superpower for the upcoming event, emphasizing his dedication to fostering a strong community for the Reeve Foundation.

“I love people, I love as it relates to the Reeve Foundation and the community that we are so focused on building. Nothing makes me happier or prouder than when people who might not otherwise have known each other, or have known about us or our cause, come together and leave with something meaningful,” Will says.

Reflecting on his father’s legacy, who passed away in 2004, and his mother, Dana, who succumbed to lung cancer two years later, Will has previously shared heartfelt tributes, demonstrating his evolving understanding of what it means to honor their memory.

In a touching tribute to Christopher on Father’s Day in 2021, Will shared his realization that honoring his parents meant discovering and embracing his own identity rather than living out their unrealized aspirations.


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