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15 Times Art Made Us Think About the State of the World

Modern artists create things, not just to please us, but to raise awareness about our world. For example, every day we may use plastic, mindlessly pass by a homeless person, or fail to ever visit libraries. But thanks to art, we can see things like these again and strive to do better.

We at Bright Side love meaningful art and would like to share some pieces with you that house deep, meaningful ideas inside.

1. This artist furnishes old manholes to bring awareness to homelessness.

2. This huge disposable coffee lid reminds us of environmental problems.

3. Invisible Homeless, a piece by Luke Jerram, was made to highlight the growing number of hidden homeless people.

4. This miniature recreation of The Castle shows the potential impact of a book. Books can make you see your life from a different angle.

5. The sinking library — we don’t visit them too often nowadays.

6. These “melting men” installations show that the global warming problem is crucial.

7. Computer Dude — modern technology has become a huge part of our lives.

8. One more piece of artwork to remind us about recycling

9. Nature is also alive.

10. Everyone has a beautiful garden inside.

11. When everyone is busy with their own technology:

12. “A simple counterclockwise rotation of 70° represents how the actual social situation has changed.”

13. Cage of Depression

14. Plastic in the ocean seeks revenge.

15. This represents the question: Can we really see each other, even if we’re together?

When was the last time you went to a museum or exhibit? What’s your favorite artwork or artist?

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