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12 Trends That Are Finally in the Past


Not all trends are equally good. Some trendy things look really weird and it is not quite clear how they were able to become so popular. Sometimes, they are so strange that they are impossible to combine with everyday clothes and not look like a weirdo. This is why people get very happy when these trends finally disappear.

We at Bright Side are keeping track of the trends and we want to share a list of things whose time has run out. This is only a recommendation, don’t throw away the clothes that you really like.

1. Embroidered clothes

Several years ago, embroidered clothes were everywhere: T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, jackets, shirts, and so on. But it is time to stop wearing them. Today’s fashion is about simplicity — the right jeans and a white T-shirt look much better without any decorative elements.

2. Slip dress

Just a little while ago, people believed that slip dresses help to create a feminine, elegant, and romantic look very easily. Silk tops and slip dresses were really popular around the world. But lately, they have been everywhere, so people have started to get tired of them. In 2020, slip dresses are supposed to go back to where they belong — in the bedroom. If you want to wear something light and comfortable, you can wear a linen dress.

3. Ugly sneakers

The sneakers that make feet look several sizes bigger got really trendy and then lost their appeal. They are big, with massive soles, thick and multi-colored laces, bright parts, and some are even stained with paint — designers made these ugly shoes as absurd as possible. Even though girls were wearing these sneakers everywhere and with anything — jeans, suits, and dresses, now they have to admit that they are not as universal or comfortable to wear.

This year, you should pay attention to more simple, sporty shoes or slip-on shoes. And the people who really love ugly sneakers can try wearing sock sneakers.

4. Crocs

Some people treat crocs like something trendy and others truly love these shoes. They are simple and comfortable and both children and adults love them.

However, in reality, crocs can destroy any trendy look. There is a reason why they were named the ugliest shoes. Besides, some doctors believe that you can’t wear them for too long — they don’t support the foot properly, which could lead to injuries.

5. Jean-like leggings

A little while ago, many girls thought that they had to have leggings in their wardrobes that looked like jeans. However, they quickly realized that this piece of clothing looks cheap and vulgar because it is too tight and usually highlights all the flaws of the body. So, simple jeans are a much safer bet.

6. Acid-colored clothes

You don’t have to only wear neon colors. Bright colors can give a new feel to your look if they look natural. However, you should only use one neon piece of clothing in your whole look. For example, you can have a bright top with a neutral color on your legs.

7. Pretentious nail designs

There are trends in nail designs too. And today, the more natural, the better. Nail extensions and super-long natural nails with really bright colors, unusual patterns, rhinestones, stickers, and other decorative elements are a thing of the past now. Minimalistic and simple colors are more popular now. And about the length — the nails should be just a little above the fingertips.

8. Fluffy sandals

When fluffy sandals just became popular, celebrities started to wear them everywhere, like with their everyday clothes, suits, and dresses. These sandals are very divisive: some people think that they can be used anywhere and that they look good with anything, and others believe that they are really weird and unattractive. Well, today, if you want to be trendy, you should probably put these shoes away for a long while.

9. Corset belt

At some point, this originally bold and unusual accessory became so popular that it lost all its charm: corset belts could be seen on anyone. They were worn with shirts and even down jackets. In the next season, it is better to buy different belts.

10. Knit dress

This comfortable piece of clothing doesn’t look modern anymore. Besides, these dresses might add extra pounds to your look. Slim-fit and oversized dresses are also not the best choices. It is better to wear models made of thick knitwear.

11. Transparent booties

This is one of the trends that is interesting to watch, but uncomfortable to try. When it was new this trend was popular among the most extravagant celebrities who wanted to look different, but these shoes are not really good for everyday life. Wearing something that doesn’t have any ventilation for several hours is tough.

A journalist did an experiment and went through her experience of wearing transparent booties, “My transparent booties didn’t glide on with the first attempt. Or the second or third. See, you can’t wear socks because of fashion and the tough plastic sticks to the skin. So I had to lube up my feet with the thickest body butter I could find. Only then did these shoes slide into place.”

12. Cropped sweaters

Only girls with perfect bodies can wear these sweaters. It is good news that cropped sweaters are not trendy anymore, because their usefulness is pretty limited. You can only wear a sweater when it is cold, but the belly is open, which means you won’t feel warm in it.

Which clothes in your wardrobe would you never give up on? Tell us in the comment section below!

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