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14 Gorgeous Self-Made Dresses That Even a Fairytale Princess Would Want to Wear

Every woman probably wants to try on a flowy evening dress just to feel like a princess at least for a moment. But some skillful ladies have decided they don’t have to wait for a miracle. They made gorgeous dresses with their own hands and stunned everyone.

At Bright Side, we admire people who can make magnificent outfits from old bed sheets. That’s what the heroines of this article did.

“Left — Teuta Matoshi cobalt starry dress. Right — me. I spent around $12.”

“I made an ocean-tide-inspired dress. The crown is sculpted wire with beads and crystals.”

“It took me 12 hours to make this dress. The bodice is lined with an old sheet. The skirt is 2 layers of ‘poly china silk’ and one layer of heavily gathered chiffon.”

“My first self-drafted dress. I got the fabric from AliExpress! It was $8.50 per yard.”

“I tried recreating one of my favorite Disney Princess costumes. I found the fabric at a local store. As for the pattern it was self-drafted, I just drew the desired pattern on an old T-shirt.”

“I made my own wedding dress!”

“It’s very fairy-esque and took some time to finish it but I’m glad it came out decent!”

“I made this dress from thrifted bedsheets! This is now my favorite pattern.”

“My birthday dress. The innermost lining I used is an old bedsheet and crinoline to add more poof.”

“From my original design sketch to finished gown, here’s my Belle gown.”

“I made a Robe à la Française for Halloween! By the way, my hair is done with the help of a piece of foam.”

“I finished my Cinderella ballgown! The lining of the dress is an old sheet, and the dress itself consists of layers of lavender, blue, and navy organza.”

“I made a color-changing Sleeping Beauty dress! I had no pattern, made everything up myself. Also, I made a little crown out of foam.”

“I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found a rayon satin because it was cheaper than silk satin but more breathable than polyester.”

Can you sew? Do you make your own one-of-a-kind outfits? Show us photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Teuta Matoshi, Paurovas / Reddit
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