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8 Things That Look Great but Are Slowly Ruining Our Health

Some people say that beauty is pain. And even though the times of wearing tight Victorian corsets that made women faint are long gone, and hard collars that didn’t let people breathe normally are in the past, there are still some clothes that are too dangerous to wear for a long time.

Bright Side decided to find out which accessories, clothes, and shoes make us look great and feel confident but that also may lead to unfavorable health issues.

Pointy-toed shoes

Pointy-toed shoes may be just as bad for your feet as high-heeled shoes. Such models don’t have enough space for your toes that are pressed in an unnatural position. Also, your entire weight is on the front part of your feet, which can lead to calluses and nerve damage between the toes.

Shoes that are 1-2 sizes bigger than you need

Quite often, celebrities wear shoes that are 1-2 sizes bigger than what they need. They do it to avoid calluses and swelling — if the shoes aren’t tight, the blood circulation is normal and there’s no pressure. But it’s one thing to wear such shoes once or twice versus wearing them regularly. Shoes that are too big make us change the way we walk: we’re scared that they’ll fall off our feet, so we squeeze our toes, leading to problems with the feet, knees, back, and even the neck.

Plastic shoes

Trendy girls have been wearing transparent plastic shoes for several years now. They do look impressive, it’s true. But it’s better not to wear them too often. That’s because plastic doesn’t allow for air circulation, so there might be fungus and bacteria trapped inside. Shoes made of plastic make your feet sweat a lot, so you’ll definitely develop calluses.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are also not the best choice of shoes to wear all the time. Such models don’t provide enough support for the foot, which leads to knee and back problems. Ballet shoes have really thin soles, which is why your feet will feel every little rock you walk on. And if you step on something sharp, there’s a risk of piercing the sole.

Heavy jewelry

Big, heavy earrings definitely look cool but they have one disadvantage: there’s always a risk of damaging your earlobe. Also, they’re heavy and pull on them too much, which can lead to premature aging.


By using shapewear, you can make your body look practically perfect. But be careful, especially if you didn’t choose a pair correctly. It may be dangerous for you. The most frequent problem shapewear can cause is skin irritation. If the shapewear is too tight, it will press on the nerves and cause numbness. If you have bad blood circulation, it can also lead to more leg swelling.

Tight clothes

Clothes that are too tight are also dangerous if you wear them for too long and too often. They can cause skin irritation and lead to infections. They don’t let the blood circulate well and might lead to digestive problems.

High-rise pants

Tight pants and jeans, especially those that are high-rise, can create problems. The pressure they put on the stomach might cause acid reflux. When a person wearing such clothes sits down, the belt presses on the belly. Additionally, the back and surrounding muscles will rely on the support of these pants all the time and they won’t function as actively. They can also lead to backaches.

Do you have any of these items of clothing? How often do you wear them?

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