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10 Amazon Deals That’ll Make You Upgrade Your Electronic Devices

According to research, people upgrade their smartphones every 3 years, wireless headphones every 3.2, smartwatches every 3.4, and laptops every 4.8.

The end of the summer may feel like the perfect time to think about upgrading some of your electronic devices before starting to work hard after vacations. Moreover, a lot of shops and marketplaces like Amazon have a bunch of hot deals that can save you money.

Bright Side carefully looked through and picked 10 juicy deals from Amazon that let you get new devices at an affordable price.

1. Keep your fitness achievements on track.

Buy this fitness tracker from Amazon

24/7 blood oxygen monitoring

This tracker offers a 14-day battery life for typical use and 10 days for heavy use. If you run out of battery, you can get 2 days of use from just 5 minutes of charging time with a magnetic charger.

2. Turn the music on

Buy this smart speaker from Amazon

Tested by Amazon

With this speaker, you can ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more just with your voice.

3. Stay online

Buy this Wi-Fi system from Amazon


Armed with Wi-Fi 6 technology, this Wi-Fi system delivers a huge boost in coverage, speed, and total capacity. The latest mesh Wi-Fi lets you enjoy a network that loads faster and connects more.

4. A tablet for entertainment

Buy this tablet from Amazon

Fully functional

Entertain the whole family in any place you go: widescreen for your favorite films and shows, connect with Alexa for music, and Amazon Kids to get access to kid-friendly content.

5. A special offer for gamers

Buy this gaming monitor from Amazon


This monitor, with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1 ms response time, gives the upper hand in fast-moving games. MSI Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light reduce eye strain and let you enjoy games longer.

6. Upgrade your laptop.

Buy the HP laptop from Amazon

Fast charge

This laptop is an ideal match if you like simplicity: a compact design makes it easy to get work done on the go. Meanwhile, you don’t need an additional mouse and keyboard with a precision touchpad.

7. Work without cords and noise.

Buy this wireless mouse from Amazon

Energy saving

This mouse is ideal for precision lovers: featuring 3 adjustable DPI (1600/1200/800), the laser-grade engine ensures smooth cursor control and precision tracking on virtually any surface.

8. Communicate with a high-quality picture.

Buy this webcam from Amazon

Superior compatibility

If you want to sound clear online, this webcam is a match: it has a built-in microphone with noise reduction technology and a dual-track that can pick up your voice up to a distance of 8 m (26 ft).

9. Keep your phone charged.

Buy this wireless charger from Amazon

Superior safety

If you are looking for more than just an ordinary charger but a smart device, this one with a wide range of advanced features is ideal for you.

10. Enjoy a movie on the big screen.

Buy this mini projector from Amazon

Remote control

This video projector provides original audio thanks to built-in dual stereo speakers (3W) with SRS sound. It makes you feel like you are in a real movie theater.

How often do you upgrade your electronic devices?

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