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Amazon Black Friday Is Here and It’s a Good Chance to Enlarge Your Le Creuset Collection

Traditional Le Creuset cookware can bring signature flavor and style to every kitchen. This cookware brand is loved by thousands of people who appreciate its durability and unique design. Amazon Black Friday is a chance you shouldn’t miss to buy your first Le Creuset cookware item or enlarge your Le Creuset collection.

Starting from today you can buy a variety of stylish items by the famous Le Creuset brand with an appealing discount and upgrade your kitchen with high-end cookware. It is also a good chance to buy a Christmas gift for someone special.

1. This Le Creuset signature enameled cast iron casserole dish with a tight-fitting lid was specially designed for fuss-free cooking. This casserole can help you cook your favorite food in one pot for several people at a time. Don’t limit your cooking creativity because you can make so many mouth-watering dishes using this pot, from soups and casseroles to bread and cakes!

The design of this casserole dish guarantees even heat distribution, which means it can be used for slow cooking on medium or low heat and for quick simmering. The enamel of the casserole is dishwasher-safe. There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

Promising review: LOVE this casserole dish! I purchased this as a gift to myself (!) after receiving a bonus from work after 20 years of service, so I wanted something that I wouldn’t necessarily purchase “every day” and also something to keep and use for many years to come. I used to worry about how heavy Le Creuset is, but to be honest, it’s not overly heavy when you get used to using it. I am so happy with my purchase and cannot wait to use it again soon! @AliP

Buy the Le Creuset casserole dish on Amazon HERE

Recipe: Broccoli casserole with rice

Once you purchase this gorgeous casserole dish, you will surely want to try it out, and we’ve found a mouth-watering recipe for a vegetable casserole you may want to try cooking.


  • 2 packages of frozen chopped broccoli
  • 2 cans of condensed cream mushroom soup
  • 2 cups of instant rice
  • ¾ cup of chopped onion
  • ¼ cup of butter
  • 1 jar of processed cheese sauce
  • salt
  • ground black pepper

Cook rice following the instructions on the box. Sauté the chopped onions until they are ready. Cook broccoli following the instructions on the package. Mix together broccoli, mushroom soup, rice, onion, butter, and cheese sauce. Season the mix with salt and pepper to taste. Put the mix in your casserole dish and cook for 30 to 40 minutes until the casserole is ready.

2. If you are looking for a round-shaped casserole, consider buying this Le Creuset signature enameled cast iron round casserole dish with a lid. The seller offers a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from, which also makes this casserole a good present for someone special who is fond of cooking.

The interior enamel guarantees quick food release, while easy-grip handles make using this casserole dish easy and enjoyable.

Promising review: I was always in love with Le Creuset because of the quality. Yes, it’s expensive, but as my mother always said: I am not wealthy enough to buy cheap. Le Creuset is an investment for life. I am not only a hardcore foodie (traveling around the world to eat at the most exciting restaurants), I also work with top chefs as their international PR person (my clients are worldwide). So food means a lot to me! I bought this piece for cooking on a stove and in the oven. I liked the fact that it can be used for both and that it has an amazing heat distribution, and is durable and beautiful. But then, a month ago, I also started baking my own bread. I got obsessed with bread making (it relaxes me and it is very rewarding when you see your results), and one of the reasons my results are so good, is this casserole! You need to keep the humidity in the bread when baking, and very high heat. And this one is an ideal piece for great results. When my daughter moves out on her own, this will be the gift she will receive from me. This says it all! @Andreja L.

Buy the Le Creuset casserole dish on Amazon HERE

3. Don’t miss this gorgeous set of 3 Le Creuset saucepans! All the 3 saucepans have lids and helper handles which makes them super versatile. The stainless-steel design with an aluminum core heats food quickly and evenly without hot spots. The saucepans are suitable for ovens, grills, and all stove types (including induction), and they are also dishwasher-safe.

The moisture-retaining lid is brilliant for cooking with minimal water, which means your sauces will be simply delicious.

Promising review: We had to change our stove and we got an induction type one, and we had to change our saucepans to suit. We thought we would spend a bit more and get the best ones available, and boy did we get that right. They are fabulous, they cook superbly and wash up brilliantly, they were certainly worth the extra money. @P G M

Buy the Le Creuset saucepan set on Amazon HERE

4. It looks like stovetop kettles will never go out of fashion and if you love them just like we do, take a look at this traditional Le Creuset kettle with a whistle. This kettle suits all stovetops, including induction ones. It’s easy to use and clean thanks to its ergonomic locked handle.

The kettle has pretty large capacity and can serve up to 4 cups. There are a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from.

Promising review: There’s nothing I dislike about this kettle, it’s handsome, very sturdy, does its job perfectly, and I do not have to use a towel to hold it after boiling, it’s perfectly ok to use without. It’s pricey, and I did “umm and ahh” about paying so much for a stovetop kettle, but I’m glad I did. I went for the black model, which is classic, I initially wanted the green model, but it was out of stock, and I’m now glad it was. Overall, I’m a very pleased purchaser. @Dolly 24

Buy the Le Creuset kettle on Amazon HERE

5. Le Creuset Toughened Non-stick Saucepan with a glass lid. Thanks to its deep side walls, you can cook a big variety of sauces and other dishes in it. The saucepan heats evenly and has lasting heat retention for tastier dishes and richer flavors.

No oil is required, so you can cook using less fat. The saucepan is dishwasher-safe and is suitable for different types of stoves, including induction types.

Promising review: I was a bit dubious about buying this because it’s a lot more expensive than other non-stick frying pans, but I’m glad I did. It’s very easy to clean, and the non-stick seems to be quite durable. The pan handle is very secure and not wobbly at all. I’m using it on an induction hob, and it lies totally flat and seems to have good heat distribution with no obvious hot spots. The glass lid fits nicely, and the handle is fitted properly with 2 screws, unlike that for my previous pan, where the lid’s handle was only held on with a single screw, which would keep unscrewing, so it constantly needed tightening. @P. D. Smith

Buy the Le Creuset saucepan on Amazon HERE

Do you enjoy cooking? What is your favorite autumn recipe?

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