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15 Photos That Prove Cats Are Aliens

Cats have about 230 bones in their body, and they know how to perfectly use them to get what they want. Be it climbing on shelves, standing like a human, or even balancing their weight on a watermelon, they can do it all.

In fact, sometimes cats do things so weird and unexplainable, that we at Bright Side think they might be aliens. Check out our compilation below and tell us if you agree.

1. “Am I doing it right?”

2. Where there is a will, there is a cat. No matter the space.

3. They can also fly, whenever necessary.

4. “So small her weight doesn’t press the keys...”

5. “Made an Iron Throne for my Maine Coon. He slipped right into the role!”

6. “She sleeps like this and I don’t know why.”

7. Some cats are liquid.

8. “Just moved into a new apartment and saw this.”

9. “Our office cat does not like to be ignored.”

10. When you’re sleepy but also need to practice acrobatics:

11. My cat’s favorite spot

12. “I might have assembled my cat wrong.”

13. “My friend found her very pregnant cat sitting like this.”

14. “My new cat likes to lay and watch the fire before he goes to sleep.”

15. “For some reason my sister’s cat sits like this every day.”

Have you ever caught your pet in the act? Share their photos with us in the comments below!