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15+ Pics That Prove Bats Are Way Cuter Than We Think They Are

We are so used to seeing bats and flying foxes as scary monsters who are eager to suck all the blood out of us, that we hardly try to look at them from another angle. It turns out that these animals can be cute too — all you need to do is just have a closer look at them.

We at Bright Side found a bunch of photos showing the adorable side of bats and we can’t wait to show them to you.

“Whaaaaat?! The milk is empty?”

Meet the adorable Morgan, who lives in a bat rescue center.

The Easter Rab-bat!

’Fallen’ is being a very good little patient while having his bandage changed.

“Indian flying foxes, like our Statler who is 33 years old, love basking in the sun and outside time!”

This babe has conquered every wildlife warrior’s heart at the Australian Zoo.

Lick, lick! Is it even possible to not fall in love with this face?

Wallace the bat got electrocuted and is now getting treatment at a recreational center.

“Decided to do a new photo of Barlow, a common pipistrelle, during the weighing time. Same scales, same pot, same bat, but he’s all grown up now.”

Henrietta — the ’Sleeping Beauty’

Perhaps the cutest bat in the world

What a serious look!

Another sweet flying fox female that was rescued from barbed wire

We are in love with this face.

“Hey, I can see you upside down!”

Little Ruby came into care at only 300 g because she was starving — now she is getting better and better.

Are you basically scared of bats and flying foxes or are you one of the bravest who can hold them in your arms?