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Meet Aela, a Special Kitten That Was Abandoned by Her Mom, but Who Enchanted Us From Our First Glance


Aela is a baby kitten who was rescued and given shelter when her mom left her. The woman who is taking care of this fluffy ball of fur has been battling with making her stronger and healthier, given the conditions the little kitten has. Her unique cleft nose is one of those conditions, but it is also what makes her stand out from other cats.

Bright Side would like to introduce you to this kitten in hopes that she will make you smile as much as she did us!

Her condition is probably what made her mom abandon her.

This baby was one day old when she was found alone in a backyard.

Once she came out of the carrier at the foster home, they immediately noticed that she was different. It turned out she had a cleft palate and an adorable little cleft nose, as well as a severe overbite and some cognitive delays.

But Ash, the woman who is fostering her, is still taking great care of this little baby. She has to tube-feed her and the kitten is strong and active.

After 2 days in the care of her foster family, she had gained about 0.01 lbs and weighed at a healthy 0.2 lbs.

She was named after a warrior.

Eventually, she was given the name Aela. Ash explains that the kitten was named after a strong and fierce video game character that she had always loved, who was a warrior and also unique from most people. The name Aela, pronounced as Ayla, has many different origins with different meanings. One of them being “from the strong place,” another is “angel,” and yet another — “moonlight,” so Ash thought that Aela fit the little kitten perfectly.

Here is Aela at 5 weeks old, looking as strong and adorable as ever! She finally weighs a whole pound and is learning to chew and eat. She loves to explore, sit on laps, and have her belly rubbed. Once she gets a little bit bigger, she will require oral surgery, but we are absolutely certain Aela will grow up to be one healthy and very unique cat!

And here are some extra pics of her, because her cuteness is bigger than just a few photographs:

Aela and a lot of other kittens are looking for loving homes and more information about them can be found on the Wrenn Rescues’ website.

Do any of your pets have unique traits? Please share some pictures with us, we’d love to see them!

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