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12 Purchases That Save a Lot of Money, Even Though They Seem Like a Waste

When trying to save money, we often make some dumb purchases that seem profitable, but from a long-term perspective, they affect both our well-being and the quality of our lives. This is why sometimes it is better to pay more for a product or a service, in order to pay less in the future.

We at Bright Side decided to find out which expensive things are actually worth it. They not only last for a really long time, but they can also help you save a lot of money.

Expensive shoes

Buying cheap shoes might seem like a good idea. But in fact, they might end up costing us much more than an expensive pair. Just count all the money you spend on band-aids, foot deodorants, and other products for your feet. And if you wear quality shoes, you won’t need these products. So, you’ll end up paying less money overall. Also, quality shoes might help you avoid serious problems with your joints and your back.

Electric toothbrush

The quality of brushing your teeth depends on how much time you spend doing it. So, dentists recommend brushing teeth for at least 2 minutes, but most people only spend 46 seconds doing this. And it’s not about being lazy: it’s just that we don’t sense the time correctly. If you buy an electric toothbrush with a timer, it will tell you when it’s time to stop. Studies show that people using electric toothbrushes have less plaque on their teeth and their gums are healthier. So, they don’t go to dentists as often. If you buy an electric toothbrush, you might save a fortune on dental visits.

Basic clothes

Because so-called fast fashion is becoming more popular, we’ve gotten used to affordable trendy clothes. But we often overlook a very important detail: these clothes don’t pay off from a long-term perspective and this costs us a lot of money. It is much smarter to invest money into quality basic clothes that can be worn for a long time, no matter what the trends are right now. But this doesn’t mean you should forget about fashion. If you have a good basic wardrobe, you can spice it up with new trendy clothes every season.

Orthopedic mattress

Sleep is very important for our health and what we sleep on is a really important part of the overall experience. An orthopedic mattress can lower our stress levels, relieve muscle pain, and improve our overall health. And if you sleep on an old mattress, it can give you a range of different illnesses: from joint pain to obesity.


A crockpot is a great choice for people that love healthy foods, but don’t have enough free time to cook. Nowadays, there are modern models that can be remotely controlled. Basically, the device can cook food when you are far away from home. All you need to do it put all the ingredients into the pot, set the right mode, and watch the process through an app. And when you come home, a healthy dinner will be waiting for you. It’ll save you so much time and money! Also, crockpots are less energy-consuming than stoves or ovens.

Water bottle with a filter

Today, a lot of people have reusable water bottles, but we are talking about the ones that have filters in them. If you have this device, you can enjoy pure, clean water the whole day and not spend a penny on it. Also, you’re not harming the environment. However, when you buy this bottle, make sure you get the right filter. Some bottles only filter tap water, but others can even filter non-potable water which is a great idea for travelers.

Leather belt

A good leather belt may cost several times more than faux leather models, but it will also last for much longer. So, a leather belt is a great investment.

Laptop stand

We all love watching TV series while lying in bed. Some people even work this way. There is nothing wrong with it, but the constant overheating (because of the lack of ventilation) may end up breaking your laptop. And if you have a laptop stand, you can enjoy interesting content in bed and not worry about any damage to your device.

Expensive haircut

One of the reasons why split ends appear because stylists cut hair with blunt scissors. Expensive beauty salons almost never skimp on their tools and materials and the chances of seeing an unprofessional hairdresser that doesn’t care about their clients is slim to none. So, if you don’t want to pay twice and have to visit your hairdresser every few weeks, never be cheap when it comes to your hair.

High-quality underwear

Of course, it is better to have underwear for any occasion, but if your budget is limited, we recommend that you buy the most basic models. Comfortable underwear, made of natural fabrics, will be used longer and will be easy to combine with any piece of clothing.

Vacuum sealer

This amazing thing is something all of us should have at home. Just think about how much food we throw away every day. And if you have one of these, you can extend the shelf life of your favorite foods and save a lot of money. Also, a vacuum sealer prevents the mix of smells and is the best thing to use to store spices, herbs, and tea.

Laser hair removal

Nowadays, there are so many different ways to remove hair, but most women still prefer wax. Yes, one procedure costs far less, but you have to do it really often. The more expensive laser hair removal will remove unwanted hair after only a few sessions (depending on the hair type). Obviously, it is much cheaper in the long run. Also, it is almost completely pain-free, and, according to experts, it improves the health of your skin and removes any ingrown hair.

Which expensive purchases have really paid off in the long-term for you? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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