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15+ Lucky People Who Went Thrift Hunting and Captured the Perfect Prey

A gorgeous evening dress for less than $5 or a luxurious leather chair in a fancy color for free may sound unbelievable, but these are the actual thrift store finds people have recently boasted about on Reddit. This list goes on and includes a huge mirror in a thick carved frame for $30, a 3 piece look with a fancy necklace for $20, and a vintage denim jacket in a mint green color for $0.

Here at Bright Side, the more we look through the pictures of the things people have managed to thrift, the more we realize that you can get almost anything you want for a very low price, and even for totally free. We felt a strong desire to rush to the nearest garage sale in search of cool items when we saw these 15+ pics, and we wonder if you feel the same.

1. “Picked up this (possibly vintage?) dress yesterday! It was 25% off so I paid less than $5!”

2. “Watermelon picnic basket! Literally my heart melted when my eye caught this one at Goodwill.”

3. “I couldn’t give Goodwill my $5.99 for this vintage lamp fast enough. This is my best find from 2021 so far!”

4. “Scored a brand new Stenströms button-up for $10. Original price is $190!”

5. “Found one of my white whales yesterday for only $39! I’m head over heels for this chair.”

6. “Blessed with this beautiful leather chair for free via a freecycling website.”

7. “Entire outfit is thrifted. It probably retails around $325/350 if all bought new. I paid around $20 total.”

8. “My mom thrifted these for me about 10 years ago. I still think they’re stunning, and I think of her whenever I use them.”

9. “I got this huge fancy gold mirror at an estate sale this weekend for $30.”

10. “Got this Tundra Canada sweater for $1 at a yard sale.”

11. “Dyson vacuum for $50!”

12. “My formal men’s shoes that I’ve thrifted over the years.”

13. “The coolest retro lamp found on FB Marketplace for $25. I’m obsessed.”

14. “Found a Van Gogh classics 4 piece fine bone china mug set for $7!”

15. “Ann Taylor duster and tailored pants for $10!”

16. “I finally found Dr. Marten’s. In my size. I could literally cry!”

17. “Found this amazing vintage ’70s jacket in a free pile on the street! Can’t believe someone threw this out!”

Do you like thrift hunting? What is your most precious find so far? What is the “white whale” that you are dreaming to find in a thrift store?

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