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15 People Who Always Find a Way to Amuse Others

Some people are naturally able to make everyone around them laugh effortlessly and are usually the life of the party everywhere they go. Being able to see the humor in little things in life can help manage stress and anxiety, according to science. These 15 people are dedicated to finding the comical side of everything and making us all laugh out loud.

1. “Not even a day after our dog had a mass removal, I ended up having an emergency appendectomy. Wife is taking care of both of us.”

2. “Turn my back for one second and this kid turns his pants into a whole onesie.”

3. “I offered a potato or candy.”

4. “Just carving the turkey...”

5. “My Halloween costume this year! Have to be creative with my walker.”

6. “This photo that was given to me today ’for holiday cards’ from my son’s play group has me cackling.”

7. “She liked hedgehogs, so we made a cake for her birthday.”

8. “My daughter got to wear a costume during gymnastics practice, and this is what she chose.”

9. “After getting hit by a forklift twice in one week, my coworker started wearing protection.”

10. “My wife made dinner for a family tonight. After asking if they had any allergies, the husband said, ’Bees.’”

11. “My daughter made ’ground meat’ rice krispy treats.”

12. “What my 2-year-old does when I say I’m not opening any more Halloween candy for him tonight”

13. “As a kid, I thought the mud from the flower bed after a heavy rain felt good on my skin.”

14. “Where is the fire exit, the Ministry of Magic?”

15. “My wife wanted a pot filler, so I got her this, and now she won’t talk to me.”

Do you have someone in your life who makes everyone laugh with no effort? When was the last time you laughed really hard?

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