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16 People Who Attracted a Lot of Attention Without Any Effort

Our brain works in a way where it blocks out unimportant information and, instead, focuses on what it thinks is important. That’s why different people focus on different things, as our brains aren’t interested in the same stuff. For example, you might be focusing on a man carrying a dog in a baby carriage, while someone else might be looking at an old lady riding a fancy motorcycle.

Bright Side thinks that people should be able to express themselves and act however they want, as long as they don’t cause harm to anyone around them.

1. “Taking my turkey to the vet”

2. “The way my skin tries to re-pigment in the summer — all of the little dots are new pigment.”

3. “Found this guy in the bathroom at work today.”

4. “My uncle chauffeured me to my wedding in my family’s 108-year-old heirloom that still runs: an original 1914 Ford Model T.”

5. “My water bottle is a flat rectangle.”

6. “My legs are tanned 3 different colors (like a spectrum) from wearing shorts of different lengths.”

7. “A type of European vehicle — light quadricycles are normally electric.”

8. “I was going for Freddy Mercury but got called Vinny instead.”

9. “People have been telling her that her knees look like baby faces, so...”

10. “My roommate fell asleep trying to cook some pasta, and this is what I woke up to.”

11. “This screw at my work — quite large, I’d say.”

12. “Some problems require thinking outside the box or, in this case, the car.”

13. “Tried making churros. Help me come up with the restaurant name where I could proudly serve them.”

14. “People in Milan, the city of fashion”

15. “Don’t you just love summer?”

16. “Found mutt cutts.”

Have you ever stumbled upon something or someone that grabbed your attention in an instant?

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