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16 People Who Found Real Gems in Thrift Stores

Thrift stores seem like they use magic. You go in to find a particular item, but end up with dozens of things you never knew you needed. And once you get hooked on thrift shopping, there’s no going back. But you don’t have to worry. These stores are always stocking up with new deliveries, so after some time, you’ll be all set for a new shopping haul.

We at Bright Side are familiar with the thrill you get when you discover new things, so we understand why these 16 people couldn’t resist sharing the cool items they found.

1. The perfect mug

2. “$12 — I think this is a peak I’ll never reach again.”

3. “A Winnie the Pooh balloon lamp for $5.50”

4. “A vintage stroller I picked up at an estate sale for $20”

5. “Couldn’t believe they only wanted $8 for this. I already have one, so I’m gifting it to my friend!”

6. “My new salad tongs”

7. “This $2 shelf might be my favorite thrift find ever.”

8. “Bought some Disney VHS tapes and ended up finding $170.”

“Some of the bills are brand new! I think I found someone’s birthday money.”

9. “What a dream! A cropped Disney Pooh jacket for $4.24!”

10. “A needlepoint piece — part of a $5 bag sale!”

11. “Found these beauties today for $6.99.”

12. “My greatest find: an authentic $310 Hermes scarf found at the bottom of a goodwill bin. Cost me a couple of cents.”

13. “Found this at my local Habitat for Humanity for $1. I couldn’t pass it up!!!”

14. “Did I just thrift my elopement dress for $19?”

15. “My son has been wanting this $65 toy for weeks! Scored it for $9.99 at Godwill today!”

16. “Seeing gifts that were clearly sentimental but are in the thrift store makes me sad.”

Have you ever found something in a thrift store that you just had to buy? Share pictures of the item with us, and maybe we’ll feature it in one of our articles.

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