19 Funny Things People Said After Anesthesia That Can Make You Laugh Harder Than Getting Tickled

Anesthesia is a great invention — it makes the pain go away and it’s also the reason why there are so many funny situations that happen in hospitals. People that wake up after anesthesia may say really weird things like, “I want to marry a pineapple.”

We at Bright Side hope that you never have to meet anesthesiologists or surgeons in their workplaces, but right now, we suggest that you take a look at medicine from its funnier angle.

  • After surgery, I was being transported into the room and the floor was at an angle, so when I was being taken down, I said, “WOW! Let’s do it again!” © Wilfred87 / Pikabu
  • After a gynecological surgery, I opened my eyes and asked the surgeon (who was a young attractive man), “Does your mother know what you do at work?” © Martina / AdMe.ru
  • When I opened my eyes, I saw a male nurse and said, “Are you my husband? Let’s go home!” My husband was nearby and he still thinks I wanted to replace him. © Vika Chen-Moity / Facebook
  • I was told that after the surgery, I got up naked, opened the door, and was going to leave. When they caught me and asked where I was going, I told them that I really needed to go. I said I didn’t know where I needed to be. Well, of course, they took me back to the room. © Gauhar Kairbekova / AdMe.ru
  • My anesthesiologist was really attractive, young, and kind. When the anesthesia started to work, I told him that with his looks, his patients don’t even need anesthesia... When I woke up, I asked someone to bring me my purse so I could give everyone money! © Diana Vladislavovna / Facebook
  • When I was in my first year, I broke my collarbone. After anesthesia, I told the nurse that I loved her, but not as a woman, as a country. © bylovein / Pikabu
  • When I had surgery, the anesthesiologist was a really nice woman and was comforting me because I was scared. When she was putting the catheter into my vein, she said, “Look how nice it is — it’s pink. Everyone else has gray ones.” It somehow made me feel better. And when I already started to fall asleep, I noticed something else that was gray and boring. The surgeon came in and his uniform was gray. I was sure that I just lost consciousness after that. But after the surgery, the anesthesiologist told me that I wanted his uniform to be pink. The surgeon said that he’d never heard anything like this before. © Anastomus / AdMe.ru
  • Another patient in my ward told me that when she opened her eyes, she saw 2 beautiful girls in white (the nurses) and thought that they were angels. She was happy that she was in heaven and she asked them where God was. They said, “At a meeting!” © Oksana Nikitina / AdMe.ru
  • I asked the nurse to sell me the hospital pillow and then I started crying because the people there were so kind and I was sad I’d never see them again. And then I tried hugging people there. © Zorkiy Astigmatic / AdMe.ru
  • I’m a female anesthesiologist. I remember that a patient after anesthesia thought that I looked a lot like her husband. She took my arm and said, “I love you so much, Mike! Thank you for being with me all this time...” © Sophia / AdMe.ru
  • A patient woke up from his wisdom tooth removal, begging the doctor to let him be David Bowie. The doctor actually asked how that was supposed to happen, and the answer was that “it would be fantastic.” © Unknown user / Reddit
  • After the anesthesia, I was walking on a field of pink-yellow clouds. And there were other similar clouds that were being held by clothespins. And behind the clouds, someone was calling my name. It was quiet but really persistent and I was going through to find a way out to my newborn daughter. © Elena Ternovskaya / Facebook
  • After anesthesia, my cousin proposed to...a pineapple. And there was no pineapple in the room! © JMUDoc / YouTube
  • I woke up after my anesthesia, looked around, and started screaming, “Why are you all here! Surgery in progress! Get out of here!” © grafprishvin / Pikabu
  • When I was 17 years old, I needed an appendectomy. After the surgery, the doctors were taking me down on the elevator, and I said, “I’m a princess!” The doctors were laughing and asked me, “And who are we?” I said, “You’re horses!” After that, all the doctors and nurses laughed at me. © meolya / Pikabu
  • My husband proposed to me on the third day after we met. 1 month later, we got married — even though I wasn’t sure if I loved him. I just thought, “It’s not a big risk.” And 4 months after we met, I had surgery. I went to the hospital and my husband was at work. After the emergency surgery, I saw him with a huge bouquet! The hospital called him and said, “Jimmy, darling, your wife is coming to her senses.” It turned out that I was yelling, “Jimmy, darling, I love you!” Nobody else has even talked to him like that. We’ve been together for 10 years and I love him! © Tina Brigantinovna / AdMe.ru

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