19 Nostalgic Pics That Managed to Take Us Straight Back to Our School Days

Even though as children we wanted to graduate immediately so we wouldn’t have to go to school anymore, we can’t deny that, as adults, we miss that stage the most. Back then, life seemed simpler, without too many obligations. Now, we miss our friends, the snacks sold at the candy kiosks, the teachers and professors, and buying school supplies.

Bright Side also loves to remember childhood, so he selected some things that almost everyone did when they were students and today cause them nostalgia.

1. “My student’s teeny tiny pencil.”

2. What child never tried to “find out the future” by playing with this strange artifact?

3. Erasers were also true canvases where you could let your creativity flow to make masterpieces.

4. Signing uniforms was a year-end classic!

5. Almost every year someone would break a bone and classmates would line up to sign the cast.

6. We spent the whole break exchanging stickers and cards with other kids.

7. You couldn’t miss an erupting volcano at the science fairs, could you?

8. We even remember what the milk tasted like in that cup.

9. We were proud to see our posters on display at the school.

10. The dread of memorizing all the elements of the periodic table.

11. We always had that pencil that changed its tip.

12. And those children who carried their entire collection of pencils and colors...

13. We used the side of the paper to create comics or just to decorate.

14. Water, juice, or chocolate milk, what did you carry in this Thermos?

15. Who would collect folder sheets to exchange with friends and forget to use them later?

16. It felt so good to have a backpack with wheels when you looked at the rest of the kids carrying all their books on their actual backs.

17. When the teacher would let us write on the blackboard and we would take advantage of the opportunity to customize it.

18. Let’s not forget those who used to play (and trade) with the Tazos during recess.

19. Finish drinking the juice or soft drink so you can start breaking the plastic cup into strips.

That was a great time, wasn’t it? What makes you most nostalgic when you remember your school days?

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