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20+ Bright Side Readers Confessed What Their Strangest and Funniest Habits Are

Whoever thought being normal was a thing clearly got something wrong. According to science, we’re all freaks together, and as the Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso’s song says: “When you’re close to someone, you notice there isn’t such a thing as normal.” And how comforting is it to find out that something totally weird you do is actually done by other people too?

We asked Bright Side readers what their weirdest habits were. We then selected the funniest comments from people who simply opened their hearts and shared their funniest stories with us. Don’t forget to tell us if you also have a weird habit in the comment section. Who knows, maybe we’ll make an additional article.

1. Weird habits when it comes to laundry

2. One more for the list of those who want everything in order, even on the clothesline...

3. A sweet-and-sour recipe — would it be safe to try?

4. Let’s take it one layer at a time...

5. It just doesn’t work if they have drawings...

6. Cold coffee — this may go viral!

7. One man’s meat is another man’s poison...

8. This could be a new anti-aging treatment

9. “If I had any money, I’m sure I’d give it a shot.”

10. A recipe for perfectly smooth lips (the first part, that is...)

11. A favorite seat on the bus — everybody has one!

12. Sounds like this person would make a good accountant.

13. It appears to be better than yoga!

14. It might come in handy on cleaning days if your partner is like this too.

15. Makes sense...

16. “I wonder how this works when people are wearing shoes...”

17. This guy must have, like, 15 siblings.

18. This doesn’t seem to be part of the rules of “etiquette.”

19. Folding the laundry before washing it might be taking things a bit too far...

20. “Luckily, where I live, there are hardly any buses.”

21. “It never occurred to me...”

22. Must be better than watching TV!

23. Number crunching seems to be a very common thing around here...

24. It’s all about organization, even when it comes to the refrigerator. No, especially when it comes to the refrigerator.

Saving eggs in the fridge, but in order, staring at the laundry while it’s in the washing machine, and organizing clothes to hang them on the clothesline properly — people sure are different, aren’t they? But like it or not, we all have quirks and strange, crazy habits. What’s yours? Can you relate to any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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