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20 Coincidences That Prove Life Is a Crazy Scriptwriter

There are about 8 billion people on the earth, and there’s a 0.11 percent chance that any person can have a “twin stranger.” Or, in other words, if we take 10,000 people, about 11 of them should have a doppelgänger. Our today’s heroes had a perfect chance to face this and other tricks that were prepared for them by the universe.

We at Bright Side feel thrilled when coincidences happen to us and we want to share 20 pics with you that show life is full of amusing accidents.

1. “The name of Adam Sandler’s character in his new movie, ‘The Do-Over’ is Max Kessler. My name is Max Kessler. Oh yeah, and I look just like him.”

2. “Body heat making it look like little ghosts floating at the bus stop.”

3. “The way this leaf blends into the parking line.”

4. “This guy’s haircut matches the lady’s coat.”

5. “My bus driver looks almost exactly like Walter White from Breaking Bad.”

6. “The weird way the cats in my neighborhood sit.”

7. “I think the same teacher got into the yearbook twice.”

8. “Just a sleeping man-dog”

9. “My drink was more shocked I spilled it than I was.”

10. “ER used neon-colored fluid to check my nephew’s eye. I’m pretty sure he has super powers now.”

11. “This banana looks exactly like my mom’s dog.”

12. “I found the exact same image as on my grandad’s car keys laying on the ground.”

13. “My best friend got married and the only other bride we ran into was wearing the exact same dress!”

14. “My cousin Anny exactly looks like her grandma.”

15. “I broke my apple slicer and accidentally created a very dangerous apple.”

16. “A bubble got stuck on one small strand of a spiderweb.”

17. “The lighting through the Golden Cathedral Arch strangely resembles my dog.”

18. “My snowman fell over and melted, but his face and hair still look the same.”

19. “This guy looks the same as the guy in the picture above him.”

20. “Face swapped with a stranger who looks (and acts) exactly like me”

How often do coincidences happen to you? What was the last or the most interesting one?

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