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20 People Who Found Curious Things and Turned to Netizens for Help

Almost everyone has encountered something unusual, exceptional, and weird at least once in their life that cannot be explained. Some saw a UFO-like circle in the sky, a scaffold structure that seemingly came out of nowhere in the woods, and maybe some have also seen ghosts and aliens! A lot of strange things still happen in our lives.

Bright Side has found these things that are unclear to people and that will make you very curious.

1. “Driving through Erie PA. Weird circle in the sky. Lots of folks pulled over taking pics of it.”

Answer: A smoke ring blown from a transformer. It’s caused by the rotation motion of the smoke from the cylindrical jacket on the transformer. SlippingAbout / Reddit

2. “I bit into a carrot and this white thing was exposed.”

Answer: A carrot in its second year of growth. The second-year growth of a carrot makes the center of it woody. 6beesknees / Reddit

3. “What is this thing my mom found, it’s about 15 inches long and has wood, embroidery floss, wire, and maybe grass... and seems vintage.”

Answer: It’s a fan. You hold the curved handle and the fan goes up your forearm toward the inside of your elbow. NeverEditNeverDelete / Reddit

4. “I know it’s a chair, but what’s with the extended arms?”

Answer: It’s a plantation/planters chair. The swivel extension is for the legs while you sit in a sloped position. Chester*** / Reddit

5. “My friend found this scaffold-like structure on a trip.”

Answer: It is a 3D maze. Used in a kid’s camp or other outdoor activity club (Paintball, Airsoft, Trekking, etc.) Gr33DMTL / Reddit

6. “Found in my fiancé’s backyard, it’s been sitting there since the ’90s.”

Answer: It’s a 490-liter aircraft drop tank used on the MiG-21. utes_utes / Reddit

7. “What kinds of fossils are these? Found in the ’60s on a farm in Texas.”

Answer: A branched marine “animals” called Crinoids. HakuinRoshi / Reddit

8. “My parents have had this hanging on their wall for years, it’s like a French-to-English abacus.”

Answer: It is an abacus for learning English vocabulary/grammar that French people hang in their classrooms or rooms at home. NIGHTMAR3off / Reddit

9. “Found this in Grandpa’s box of old things. Might be from Asia because of the third eye?”

Answer: This was part of a set of premiums for malted milk. Very cool, but not very exotic. msebeth / Reddit

10. “I was always weirded out by this statue. Found in a house with other goat statues throughout.”

Answer: An art piece by Frank Fleming. ohhowcanthatbe / Reddit

11. “I found this by the coast, in one of the boulders. If you shine a light inside this goes on for quite a bit.”

Answer: This is a borehole with live limpets inside that is used for quarrying the rocks to prevent erosion. unknown / Reddit

12. “I found this complex in the middle of the Indian Ocean when exploring Google Maps.”

Answer: This appears to be multiple artificial islands in the South China Sea, constructed by the Chinese Navy, that are similar to some of the smaller ones they’ve created. 96firephoenix / Reddit

13. “Found these clear, tube-like jelly things on the beach.”

Answer: They are squid eggs. These are usually at the bottom of the seafloor, but in this case, they were washed up on the side of the beach. jackrats / Reddit

14. “This bundle of white and purple bulbs emerged from the underground in my garden in Denver today.”

Answer: They’re a type of sac fungus called Stinkhorn fungi. Jerry_Crow / Reddit

15. “I inherited this from my grandpa. It probably belonged to my great-grandpa. What are the tools used for?”

Answer: It’s a vintage drafting kit. b_Eridanus / Reddit

16. “Metal balls, with a slit cut in them, hanging from a concrete barn wall.”

Answer: This is a counterweight. It is usually used to back up heavy loads. NeedsMoreTuba / Reddit

17. “Found this hanging in our old house.”

Answer: It’s an Éliphas Lévi’s pentagram symbol of the microcosm or human being. Eskaminagaga / Reddit

18. “What is this thing in a lake in Ohio? It drains into a big pipe at the bottom of a hill.”

Answer: Overflow control mechanism or a Spillway. It is also the most important safety feature of the reservoir. DecentAdvertising / Reddit

19. “This is attached to a dolly pointed into my parent’s neighbor’s yard and sounds a very loud alarm twice a day for 10 minutes. What is it?”

Answer: A vibrating horn (maybe 874 series) made by Edwards Signaling. These types of horns are usually used in an individual setting where ambient noise is high. mrsteve716 / Reddit

20. “I started to peel and separate this orange into segments when I found this inside. What is it?”

Answer: A second growth of orange inside the first one that began to decompose. Rhinoaf / Reddit

Have you ever encountered weird things around you? Did you figure out what they actually were? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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