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20+ Striking Photos That Depict a Huge Difference

If you were to set a goal to track all changes happening around you, you’d be amazed at how different and numerous they are. For example, how a neighbor managed to turn his abandoned yard into a real oasis or how a girl you’ve known for quite a while lost so much weight, it’s hard to recognize her now. These Internet users shared their most impressive shots featuring huge changes.

Bright Side collected 25 photos that can make you realize there is nothing truly permanent in this world.

1. “Paying $10 (left photo) vs paying $25 (right photo) for headshots”

2. “My shirts before and after losing 400 lb”

3. “The price of 12 pieces of chalk at a supermarket vs my college bookstore”

4. “My kitty exactly 15 years ago and today!”

5. “My parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, wearing the same dress, suit, and flowers as they did 40 years ago”

6. One room, 2 windows and such a different sky

7. This model has tattoos on one cover and not the other. We wonder whether they were painted on or erased?

8. Wasteland and a flowering courtyard — the photos were taken 2 years apart.

9. “This photo before and after the restoration job my dad just did”

10. The design of a thermos of the same brand in the 1980s and in 2018.

11. When there is only one visit to a master stylist between the “before” and “after” photos:

12. In a shelter vs after going home

13. When any grey wall is a canvas for creativity:

14. What years of use in a commercial kitchen looks like...the knife on the left was once the same as the knife on the right.

15. “No, these are not 2 different pairs of shoes. I just polished them.”

16. “This is how my weight loss journey started and ended.”

17. “After 2 years of constant practice and drawing, I decided to redraw a portrait of Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones.”

18. “Gaussian distribution of usage marks at my local gym”

19. “My father restored it for me as a high school graduation gift.”

20. 1 year of weight gain

21. “This is how the portraits of the Queen have been changing throughout years.”

22. When a haircut changes it all:

23. This is what a difference of 50 years looks like.

24. “3, 6, 9, and 12 months with my little girl”

25. The same dachshund weighing 56 pounds vs 12 pounds

Which of these photos seemed the most impressive to you? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit M0shka / Reddit
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