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20+ Times Mother Nature Amazed Us by Breaking Rules of Normality

According to nutritionists, tomatoes aren’t vegetables, they’re actually fruits. Mother Nature loves to surprise us with unexpected things and findings. We may be surprised to grow a standard strawberry and get a huge palm-sized giant instead, or we can find an agate gem that looks exactly like grapes.

We at Bright Side editorial can’t help but rub our eyes while seeing natural masterpieces that come to life with little to no human interference, and we invite you to stare in awe with us.

1. The inside of this tomato looks like a strawberry.

2. 4 sunflower seeds in one shell

3. A giant strawberry

4. The patterns on this palm frond

5. A tree inside another tree

6. Australia’s green bird flower plant has flowers shaped like hummingbirds.

7. These purple carrots that are orange inside

8. The biggest dicotyledon leaf ever found in the Amazon

9. A bunch of grapes from bunches of grapes

10. This smooth tree in Southern California that looks like it’s been painted

11. An intricately shaped Australian mushroom

12. This flowering tree outside of St. Louis has little magenta flowers on its branches and trunk.

13. The Blue Java banana has the same consistency as ice cream and a flavor similar to vanilla.

14. Pineberries are white strawberries that taste like pineapple.

15. “A robin’s nest with beautiful blue eggs on the floodlight outside my work”

16. “This ficus I picked up today — or did it pick me up?”

17. “I, for one, welcome our mutant carrot overlords!”

18. This plant in Malaysia looks like a peacock.

19. A giant grape that one person could hardly eat alone

20. A multi-colored sunflower

21. Rainbow corn

22. Grape agate

What was your latest finding in your garden that made you immediately say, “Wow!”? We’d love you to share the pics with us.

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